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Recruiting Startup Of The Year Nominee: Ratedly

What are your employees saying about you? Could your company culture be in need of improvement? Ratedly is a new startup that gives you a heads up before things go too wrong.

Meet the companies vying for the title of Recruiting Startup Of The Year (RSOTY) at Hiring Success 18, in San Francisco, March 12-14. Your vote determines which six are flying to California to pitch their ideas to 1000+ Talent Acquisition leaders and puts them in the running for the grand prize.

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With over 20 years of experience in the online recruitment space, Joel Cheesman is a man who knows employer brand is critical – especially in today’s information world. That’s why he founded Ratedly, a recruitment startup that automatically monitors anonymous review websites, giving you back time, and perhaps a new perspective on your business.

What’s your company’s elevator pitch?

We’re LifeLock for your employer brand. We monitor over a dozen anonymous employee review websites automatically, so you don’t have to.

What gave you the idea for your startup?

Employment brand managers, HR execs and CEOs spend too much time manually visiting sites like Glassdoor, Indeed and others everyday. I wanted to automate this activity and give employers their time back.

Is there a particular experience you could point to?

A CEO I use to work with would painstakingly visit Glassdoor multiple times a day, and I thought, “What a waste of resources; there has to be a better way.”

Of all industries to tackle, why recruiting?

Each year, the line between marketing and recruiting blurs. Monitoring your employer brand is just as important as a consumer brand.

How do you envision your idea changing the talent acquisition landscape?

A recent iCIMS study says half of millennials have declined a job offer because of poor anonymous employee reviews. This means reviews have real world implications for recruiting, which makes monitoring all the review sites online more and more important.

What does ‘hiring success’ mean to you?


What is your favorite interview question and why?

“If you’re in here a year from now resigning, what would be the likely reason?” I love this question because it throws candidates for a loop, forcing them to think on their feet, and gives employers real insight into how to retain that candidate.

What’s the role of technology in hiring?

Giving back time, our most valuable resource, to hiring managers. The best tech supports humans instead of replacing them.


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