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Hire18 Speaker Preview: Ethan Medeiros

When it comes to tracking the top innovation in Tech, it’s easy to get sucked into the concentration of the Bay Area, but this would be doing yourself a disservice. This Utah-based recruiter is proving that if you want to catch a unicorn, maybe their natural habitat is more mountain than sea.

It’s fine to admit it. You’re certainly not alone. Salt Lake City just isn’t a place that jumps out at you screaming forward-thinking technical innovation. It’s a city far from the San Francisco Bay radius, but California-born, ten-year recruiting veteran Ethan Medeiros has made the trek to the mountains, where he’s set himself up as Director of Recruiting at, one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in Utah.

Ethan looks to provide the most high-end products from the most trusted companies to the most loyal customers. For Ethan, this is not just a mission, it’s a promise. With a highly structured selling platform and multiple integrations, provides both online sellers and brick and mortar shops the perfect marketplace to showcase their boutiques, as well as create an attentive audience for new innovative products.

Focused on building the future of ecommerce technology. Ethan is known as a talent gatherer, purple squirrel whisperer, and unicorn locator with a reputation for starting big things everywhere he works. Having grown Jane from 100 to 160 employees this past year, Ethan is passionate about building fantastic teams with the right people – big on shaping culture and ensuring best practices through proper scaling. He feels culture is an intentional practice, that it’s an evolution over time, and that requires trust from both employees and management.

At Hiring Success 18, this outlier will return to the belly of the beast, providing us with an unconventional viewpoint gained from forging an HR empire in an unexpected place. Register here to take full benefit from Ethan and our myriad other speakers in San Francisco, March 12-14.



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