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Hire18 Sponsor: Enboarder

There’s no dearth of new add-ons, apps and TA functions aimed specifically at recruiters these days. Here’s a firm that wants to make sure candidate experience is treated as an essential part of the process.

Enboarder was founded to create amazing experiences for new employees by putting people before paperwork, viewing onboarding through employee experience rather than just HR efficiency. Since 2015, the company has empowered HR teams and hiring managers to create, test and deploy beautiful communications that increase business productivity and lay foundations for great work culture.

Awarded with the Brandon Hall best onboarding category in 2016, Enboarder has acquired over 100 customers including Westpac, ING Direct, McDonald’s, Danone and Electronic Arts. Today the company is rapidly expanding and has established operations throughout the US and Europe.

Now that they’ve come onboard as a Hire18 sponsor, we checked in with Gareth Davies, VP of Sales, for a pre-conference chat.

Hi Gareth, thanks for speaking with us. What made you decide not only to attend, but support Hire18 financially?

Enboarder’s big focus is to inspire organizations to deliver amazing experiences for new employees. The reason we’re attending and supporting Hiring Success is that their mission aligns perfectly with our ethos. The conference is probably the most innovative and inspirational event for visionary hiring managers keen to learn, collaborate and connect with a strong Talent Acquisition community. We’d have been crazy not to join this year.

What is the biggest takeaway you hope to achieve?

As sponsors, our main goal is creating strong relationships with key industry leaders to develop solid partnerships, collaborations and knowledge sharing. We believe there is a huge opportunity for businesses to increase their employees’ performance, satisfaction, and retention by creating significant and impactful experiences when engaging new hires. We want to be there to support businesses in that journey. As attendees, we are very excited to listen and learn how thought leaders and other companies are innovating and shaping the future.

What are you most looking forward to about the conference?

We are excited about the partnership opportunities, meeting fantastic minds and hearing their stories. We can’t wait to see some of our peers and clients as well. We are also looking forward to hearing speakers like Scott Johnsen from UserTesting and Steve Fogarty from Adidas. Also, getting inspired by what other companies are doing with augmented reality, big data, machine learning and bots.

What does Hiring Success mean to you?

Participating in this year’s event means we will be able to network and connect with some of the most influential leaders in the field, learn about new technologies, and get firsthand insights on key questions and challenges other businesses are facing. We are looking to be active on topics like candidate/new-hire experience, employer branding, automatization, and positively impacting retention.

What role does/should hiring play in a company’s priorities?

Employees are the most important priority for any organization. According to the Boston Consulting Group 2012, talent acquisition and recruitment have the highest business impact on profit growth and performance, followed by onboarding. That’s why it’s so important to empower HR teams, hiring managers and recruiters with the right tools, to make sure they attract and secure the best people.

At Enboarder we understand new employees’ impact, but we are also conscious of the risks organizations face in terms of attrition, low engagement, and productivity when they fail to properly onboard new employees.

Why do conferences still matter in the digital age?

When it comes to business relationships and creating strong partnerships, technology will never be able to replace the excitement and warmth that comes from meeting someone face-to-face. Attending conferences like Hiring Success helps attendees and vendors build trust and credibility, leading to better and stronger connections. Once that personal relationship is established it can be broadened to the digital space to tailor information, provide real-time customer service, and engage at deeper levels.

Peter Braun