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HireLoop: Collaboration for the Social Enterprise

HireLoop empowers the hiring conversation by replacing automation with collaboration and providing a real-time pulse on hiring activities for a job.

Similar to social feeds in personal networks, HireLoop creates a highly engaging, personalized user experience and drives voluntary adoption of hiring practices by unifying employees on your goals. In addition, it promotes prosocial behaviors by creating greater transparency around your hiring activities.

HireLoop is available on your SmartRecruiters homepage, the job page and the candidate profile. All feeds are tied to a job and are available for reporting. You can also configure security settings per user so that they only have access to specific jobs. No further setup or training is required to get your team up and running.

Employees no longer have to rely on email chains and meetings to make hiring decisions. Within HireLoop, your hiring team can quickly engage in conversations, loop coworkers into discussions, preview job descriptions, review candidate profiles, share interview feedback, and rate candidates to reach decisions faster.

Hiring for the Social Enterprise


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Amy Craig

Software product marketer.