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HireLoop: The New Look of Your Hiring Activity Feed

You can’t make hiring easy for your entire company without good collaboration, which starts with engaging your hiring team into a meaningful conversation and instant exchange of opinions.

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We are excited to reveal the new look and feel of the SmartRecruiters HireLoop to you! We hope that it will allow you hire more efficiently as a team and always stay on top of what’s going on with recruiting in your company.

New Hireloop

You will see the new HireLoop look and feel when you log into SmartRecruiters.  The features of the new hiring activity include:

  • New user friendly and intuitive layout of stories and comments.

  • Better commenting functionality – get the conversation going with your team and start sharing and discussing your opinions on candidates.

  • Cleaner look of candidate ratings and reviews from your hiring team members.

  • Improved functionality allowing hiring team members to interact by agreeing with stories and comments.

  • Improved filters on top of the HireLoop – you can look up and filter your HireLoop feed to feature stories dedicated to a specific candidate or job:

Hireloop job filter


  • Better notifications about new updates and comments from your colleagues or candidates.

We are in the process of making several key enhancements in this area and we will be rolling out the new features and improvements incrementally. Learn more by requesting a demo.

Over the next few weeks, we will roll out updates to the look of HireLoop feeds on Candidate and Job pages, improve grouping of the HireLoop stories and start displaying candidate images in your HireLoop feed. Stay tuned!

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