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Hiring Across Regions: Privacy Compliance Made Easy

Just when GDPR was starting to feel manageable, California piles on by passing sweeping new online privacy law. Don’t worry, HR. SmartRecruiters got your back.

So, you’re a hiring manager at an international company sitting in Silicon Valley. You’ve been studiously, judiciously, taking your anti-anxiety medication through the run-up to and implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations, making sure all the personal data you’ve stored complies with the directives from Brussels, and so far, your company hasn’t been fined. Post-May 25th tensions have dialed down and everyone on your team knows what needs to be done to protect the data of candidates, as well as past and current employees. This is good.

And then the California state legislature goes and unanimously passes AB-375, set to go live in January 2020, quoted in Fortune as “almost European-grade privacy rules”.

And if Europeans felt that the GDPR framework came from too high up with too little consultation, Californian Robert Callahan, vice-president of state government affairs for the Internet Association, feels about the same. “Data regulation policy is complex and impacts every sector of the economy, including the internet industry,” he said. “That makes the lack of public discussion and process surrounding this far-reaching bill even more concerning.”

It’s still early days and future experts are just now boning up, but while we can expect the same kind of anxiety and speculation that occurred around GDPR, SmartRecruiters has made sure that no matter the size of your business, we provide global compliance features to keep you covered, as of, well, right now.  

That means even our smallest customers will be able to:

  • Set a Privacy Policy (default or country-specific)
  • Set a Data Retention Period (default or country-specific)
  • Turn on GDPR Setting Automatic Deletion (default or country-specific)
  • See what privacy advice is given based on country or countries of operation

More on this to follow as Big Tech hits back at the new law, and we investigate the ins and outs of what California companies will have to do to comply with yet another layer of data privacy protocol.

Peter Braun