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Hiring Representatives of The Concrete Culture

Karmaloop is a lifestyle brand. Yes, it’s ecommerce and retail, but it’s more than that too. At Karmaloop we are forward thinkers, culturally diverse, interested in the arts and media, and we are about breaking boundaries. We are representatives of the “concrete culture.” The Karmaloop DNA is about being real.

We move fast, and we hire people with passion. We’re over 250 people and we are consistently in the highest brackets for diversity. What we bring to the table is people who are passionate. We want our customers to feel that through our brand.  Our success is found in through our employees, who are able to do just that.

At Karmaloop we search for employees who aren’t afraid to be themselves, who are bold and eager to bring something different to the table. SmartRecruiters allows us to organize our entire hiring process from start to finish, in way that really represents the Karmaloop brand.

We advertise a variety of jobs across different boards, we are always able to find exactly what we’re looking for because SmartRecruiters gives us the opportunity to advertise there. We are also passionate about staying true to our brand, the SmartRecruiters career widget allowed us to create a branded careers’ page so if a candidate looks at our jobs they’re still getting a Karmaloop experience.

SmartRecruiters is forward thinking, as are we. My “a-ha” moment with SmartRecruiters was when I realized I could do everything on it. No candidates fall through the cracks, jobs get incredible visibility, hiring managers can collaborate, and the entire hiring process is consolidated in one incredibly organized window.

SmartRecruiters is consistently an open page on my computer screen. It’s where I spent most of my time because there is nothing more important than finding the right people to grow our business. The Karmaloop model emphasizes speed and efficiency. We have to be sure we’re getting the product to our customers with as little friction as possible. We seek to always create the best customer experience; the same is true about our hiring process. SmartRecruiters makes a positive candidate experience easy. Answering candidates is easy with customizable templates, so I never have to worry about someone saying we’re the kind of company that does not value its candidates.

Before SmartRecruiters, we were not using an ATS at all. We were doing things relatively archaically. Within one posted job, SmartRecruiters revolutionized our hiring process. My hiring bandwidth increases with efficiency, as a result Karmaloop’s bandwidth increases. It’s a beautiful cycle.



Kostas Klokelis currently leads Human Resource & Talent Acquisition at Karmaloop, Inc. where he is responsibility for hiring technical staff, policy implementation, compensation management, employee development, benefits and employee communication.

Prior to joining Karmaloop in 2011, Kostas was a Talent Manager for a large publicly held staffing firm where he partnered with Fortune 500 on technical and highly sensitive positions. For more about hiring practices and joining Karmaloop follow @Klokelis and @KarmaloopHR.

Kostas Klokelis