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Hiring Success User Conference 2016

Hiring Success 2016 Breakouts Announced

Looking to strengthen and deepen your recruiting efforts? Look no further than the Hiring Success User Conference on April 26! It will be stocked with opportunities to learn from the SmartRecruiters staff, including our CEO Jerome Ternynck, and from other thriving SmartRecruiters users. To that end, here is the newly announced slate of breakout sessions. Each of these how-to sessions will feature a customer sharing their experiences, augmented by a SmartRecruiters expert providing color.


Inbound Isn’t Dead
Revitalizing inbound candidate flow is doable, even for senior positions in competitive talent markets. Great candidate experience, including on their phones, optimized advertising and elevated conversion rates are the keys, as this session will explain.

Maximizing Advertising ROI
Advertising can be made to perform outstandingly well, when properly driven and optimized. This session will show how to select the right sources, advertise the right jobs on the right venues and use benchmarks to assess results.

The Transparent Hiring Process
There’s a new relationship between recruiters and hiring mangers, at least there should be. It stems from transparency and collaboration. This session will cover how to make a smoother hiring process that drives better hiring outcomes.

Making the Right Hire
There’s a new way to hire, one that yields better hiring decisions. It leverages structured feedback, scorecards and even independent hiring decisions. This session will show how it’s done.

Best Practices for Decentralized Recruiting
How can you empower hiring managers to drive hiring success in a decentralized or field-based organization? Mobile capabilities and a deployment strategy that recognizes the unique needs of remote hiring managers make the difference, as this session will detail.

Planning & Executing a Global Rollout
What are the learnings from rolling out a TA Platform at a large enterprise? Big Bang or progressive? Train the Trainer or Remote? What integration issues must be considered? This session will share implementation best practices that medium to large organizations will find invaluable.

Small Data. Big Impact.
If recruiting is like sales & marketing, how should it be measured? What are the top metrics to drive Hiring Success? This session will cover those KPIs, including how they can be used in real-time dashboards and through embedded insights.

High Volume Screening for the High Volume Org
Implement integrated assessments for the little team that needs to deliver big numbers. This is especially relevant for retail and other decentralized organizations, especially those with mass hiring needs, but will also be relevant to anyone wanting to leverage the rapidly maturing capacity of assessments.


These sessions promise to be fascinating and practical, especially with successful SmartRecruiters users helping to present them. Be comfortable in the knowledge that you’ll return to your company with actionable items to enable your Hiring Success!

Ready to register?  Visit the Hiring Success website. Don’t wait, the early bird discount won’t last long!


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