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Hiring Success 18: All The Confirmed Speakers Attending HR Tech’s Next Big Event

SmartRecruiters’ Hiring Success 18 is already set to be the defining HR and recruitment conference of the year. Taking place in San Francisco from March 12th-14th, Hire18 will consist of numerous workshops, firesides and presentations with some of the foremost speakers, thinkers and innovators in today’s HR space.

Below is the current list of confirmed speakers, and we will keep things updated as more speakers and their session plans for Hire 18 becomes available. To not miss out on any of these insightful experts, make sure to register today.

Lisa Wang – Founder/CEO – SheWorx

At only 29, Lisa Wang has already achieved a lifetime’s worth of accolades – featuring on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, attending Yale University and setting up a successful food delivery app, Fooze. If that’s not enough, she’s also won eight gold medals and two silver for rhythmic gymnastics at various international competitions, earning her entry into the Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 2014.

Now, Lisa is dedicated to helping other women achieve the same level of success with SheWorx – a global collective of women entrepreneurs striving to assist others gain the capital, knowledge and access they need to set up their own companies.

At an Hire18 fireside chat, Lisa will discuss issues concerning gender parity, in particular the biases and slights which often go undetected in various companies and sectors.

Tigran Sloyan – Founder/CEO – CodeFights

To the untrained eye, coding can often seem like an inaccessible and daunting field filled with jargon, double monitors and insanely fast typing. Luckily, Tigran Sloyan is here to make things much easier by helping aspiring coders develop their skills via fun games.

Tigran is the co-founder of CodeFights, a San Francisco start-up which aims to discover, build and and promote technical talent through core game mechanics. They are especially interested in supporting coders in finding new positions, introducing an ‘Interview Practice’ mode in order to help candidates grab top jobs.

During Hire18, Tigran will host a fireside chat discussing how, in a post-resume world, companies can add similar assessment levels to their recruitment processes, improving data and reducing bias.

Nick Macario – Co-Founder and CEO/Co-Founder –

Nick Macario is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of recruitment and employment. He is currently founder to two San Francisco Bay area companies, and, both of which harness the latest technologies to pair workers with opportunities. uses artificial intelligence to locate freelancers and remote workers and connect them with employers, while aims to use blockchain technology to create a decentralized data exchange in which information can be passed between apps seamlessly.

Byron Katie – CEO – The Work

Named by Time Magazine as “a spiritual innovator for the 21st century”, Byron Katie is leading spiritualist teacher specializing in reducing stress and harmful thinking. Her philosophy, named ‘The Work’, revolves around the idea that suffering is caused by believing our stressful thoughts.

Through international workshops and numerous books, Byron teaches new ways of thinking to reduce stress and improve efficiency and happiness in the workplace.

Andrew Blum – CEO – The Trium Group

After a successful career with Towers Perrin’s Strategy and Organization Practice, Andrew Blum now heads The Trium Group, a consultancy firm that operates on the mantra: “All strategy problems are leadership problems.” Armed with 20 years of consultancy experience, Blum’s expertise allows him to change the hard-entrenched thinking of business leaders, resulting in important breakthroughs for major companies.

Lee-Martin Seymour – Co-Founder/CEO – Xref

Having worked in recruitment for 17 years, Lee-Martin Seymour knew the industry’s damaging pain points all too well. That’s why he decided to set up his own company to tackle one of the worst: inefficient referencing.

With Xref, candidate referencing is taken from the long, convoluted and inefficient process of yesteryear into an all-encompassing platform that is quick, data-driven and secure.

John Sumser – Principle Analyst – HRExaminer

Since the inception of the internet, John Sumser has been wondering how the web could be employed to revolutionize recruiting and find the best candidates out there – a task which is becoming more important as technology moves ever more rapidly. His thoughts and insights are now central to leading HR newsite HRExaminer.

Most recently John released The Emergence of Intelligent Software: The 2018 Index of Predictive Tools in HRTech, an in-depth industry analysis on the emergence of intelligent software that is sometimes all-too-simply banded together under the moniker of AI.

For an in-depth Hire18 interview with John Sumser about the future of recruiting and AIs role within that, click here.

Matt Charney – Executive Editor – RecruitingDaily

An alumnus of Hiring Success 17, Matt Charney cut his teeth on the recruitment side of major corporations like Disney and Warner Bros… Later he would take on HR marketing roles for companies such as Monster and CornerStone.

Now, he uses all of that experience to run the daily editorial operations of RecruitingDaily, the number-one online resource for the HR and recruiting world.

Gerry Crispin – Principal and Co-Founder – CareerXRoads

An experienced and sought-after speaker, Gerry Crispin travels the world dispensing the unique sage advice that can only result from over 40 years in the recruitment business.

As well as his frequent seminars, blogs, and numerous published titles, Gerry also heads up CareerXRoad, a special invitation-only event in which competitive corporate hiring leaders discuss and share their insights and experiences.

Bill Boorman – Founder – #truEvents and @BillBoorman Ltd

Somewhat of a maverick renegade of the HR tech world (he never wears a suit for one thing), Bill Boorman’s aim in life is to put people in front of each other and get them to talk. To achieve this he founded #tru events, a recruitment conference which prides itself on being unlike any other. Instead of lengthy lectures in front of a Powerpoint presentation, #tru prefers intimate, smaller gatherings where practically anyone can get involved in discussions – making great contacts along the way.

In addition to this, Bill has worked to advise and consult on recruitment with various companies and corporations, especially in relation to the implementation of new technologies.

Ethan Medeiros – Senior Talent Acquisition Partner –

As one of the fastest growing online retailers, needs recruiters and hiring managers who know their craft in-and-out – especially when brand is central to their success. That’s where Ethan Medeiros comes in.

With over 10 years worth of experience in recruiting in the online and technical sector, Ethan brings insightful hands-on everyday operational experience to Hiring Success 18.

To find out how Ethan achieves hiring success at Jane, head over to our pre-Hire18 interview, here.

William Tincup – President – RecruitingDaily

A compatriot of Matt Charney, William has hundreds of articles, HR conferences and podcast hours under his belt – making him one of the foremost authorities on the emerging technology and issues of the recruitment world.

As well as writing and presenting, he also works closely with startups to provide bespoke HR tech advice and consultancy across areas from marketing, to sales, to brand, and beyond.

Kyle Lagunas – Research Manager – IDC

As the head of IDC’s Emerging Trends in Talent Acquisition and Staffing research department, there are few people better placed to elucidate the technologically complex world of the next few years of recruitment. Whether it’s blockchain or artificial intelligence, Kyle will help you understand how the changes on the way to the HR tech world and how your company can successfully navigate them.

Ilit Raz – Co-Founder & CEO – Joonko

Named after the first woman to summit Mount Everest, Joonko is a firm which can actually deliver results on your diversity training. Ilit has created a firm which looks at your internal data to locate unconscious bias within your structure and operations and then suggest meaningful responses.

Scott Johnsen – Design Manager, Brand & Design Systems – UserTesting

Need to test your product but don’t have a viable target audience handy? Well, that’s where UserTesting comes in. Whether its a website, app or even a physical product, UserTesting can give you video, audio or written feedback from the people you want to turn into users. At Hire18, we’ll have Scott Johnsen, the manager responsible for devising UserTestings own UX experience.

Robert Merrill – Head of Global Talent Acquisition – Ephesoft

With intelligent document capture software company Ephesoft looking to expand its workforce by 100% in the next year, they’re going to need a recruiter who knows how to get the best of the technology available. Luckily, they have Robert Merrill on their team, a highly experienced recruiter with reams of experience in diverse companies.

Helping Ephesoft scale up! After recent funding, our profitable company is doubling in the number of employees worldwide over the next year. I’m here to help lead the charge. I enjoy working with this scrappy, fast-paced, cutting edge team. They are true visionaries in this valuable, yet unseen industry of intelligent document capture.

Steve Fogarty – Senior Director Talent Futures – Adidas

A veteran of sports wear giant Adidas, Steve Fogarty has been the brain behind the behemoths recruitment for over 10 years. Having worked in establishing its worldwide recruitment brand, Fogarty now heads up the Global Talent Futures Team, a division tasked with keep Adidas’s talent acquisition ahead of their rivals through innovative, data driven and digital solutions.

Lou Adler – CEO & Founder – The Adler Group

A giant of the recruitment industry – and a Hiring Success 17 alumni – SmartRecruiters is proud to invite Lou Adler back as a speaker for Hire18.

Having founded one of the business biggest and most respected recruitment consultancy and training firms, there are few personalities in HR with a resume to match Lou’s. Furthermore, using his Performance-based Hiring model was inspiration, Lou has penned a series of best-selling tomes, including Hire With Your Head and The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired.

When he’s note writing books, he is also a frequent and notable contributor to LinkedIn’s influencer program, as well as Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.

Eva Muller – Managing Consultant HR Transformation and New Work – Promerit

Need someone to revolutionize your companies recruiting? Well, you’re probably looking for someone like Eva Muller, one the leading HR brains behind one of the most highly regarded recruitment consultancy firms, Promerit.

Having gained crucial experience from some of tech’s biggest names – including Siemens, IBM and Hewlett-Packard – Eva now heads up a wide range of varied projects, such as HR Strategy, HR Transformation, Digital HR and Talent Attraction and Acquisition.

Marie Kofler – Global Project Leader – Bosch

Working for one of Germany’s biggest and most internationally recognized brands is no easy gig, however Marie Kofler has made her mark on the company, rising from a Junior to Senior level. Now she leads up Bosch’s HR IT projects, making sure the team at Bosch have all the right tools to achieve Hiring Success. Perhaps it’s no surprise, they prefer to use SmartRecruiters ATS.

Thibault Duchemin – CEO and Founder – Ava

San Francisco based entrepreneur Thibault Duchemin is a man on a mission to break down barriers in communication – for everyone. He founded Ava, an app which provides communication and conferencing software for deaf and blind users, allowing to to seamlessly become involved in any conversation they like. The idea took off, winning numerous awards including the Phillips Innovation Award.

Now he’ll put that mind to helping to solve today’s recruitment issues at Hire 18.

Paige Cherny – Project Expert – Recruitment Technology Consultants

If you find yourself sitting near Paige at Hire18, expect to get involved in a deep conversation about Talent Acquisition. Paige loves talk and learning from professionals, experts and basically anyone she meets. She marries this gregarious nature with years of experience with major companies – such as T-Mobile, Amazon and SAP SuccessFactors – in order to deliver technical and organizational solutions to recruitment challenges for all manner of customers.

Angie Verros – Founder – Vaia Talent

You know those dull emails you constantly receive from companies? Well, Angie Verros probably didn’t write those. Instead, she has forged a reputation for approaching recruitment with a unique flare and humor. Over here 13 years in recruitment, she has used these assets to build high successful social and brand awareness campaigns, eventually forming her own company, VaiaTalent.

Lisa Hu – Senior Vice President – Blippar

Imagine a future where you can interact with any physical product in the world from the comfort of your desk. Well, actually don’t bother imagining it, because that’s something you can do right now. Blippar is a world’s first visual search engine allowing its users to interact and experience products via the wonder of augmented reality.

Blippar’s Senior Vice President, Lisa Hu, will be joining Hire18 to discuss how this revolutionary technology could change the recruitment world, as well as our day-to-day lives.

Sophie Huss – Global Director of Talent Acquisition – Arkadin

Sophie Huss is a talent acquisition veteran who understands that, in the modern world, recruitment is marketing. And if she says this, you should probably listen, as Sophie has worked for over 25 years in both BtoC and BtoB marketing with major corporations such as FujiFilm and Coca Cola. Now, she knows HR is where her heart is and is bringing all her accumulated experience to bear at Hiring Success 18.

Chassidy Rellinger – Director TA & Global Implementation Lead – Avery Dennison

There are few areas of human resources that Chassidy hasn’t made her mark in, including HR management and research and development. More recently she’s made the move to talent acquisition, successfully heading up the recruitment efforts of the global packing solutions brand Avery Dennison.

Gaurav Dosi – Product Manager Facebook Jobs – Facebook

No one’s entirely sure what the impact of Facebook Jobs will be, although Gaurav Dosi is probably in the best position to make an educated guess. As Product Manager for Facebook’s newest endeavour, Gaurav holds all the secrets HR managers the world over want to get their hands on. Although, unfortunately, we can’t expect him to spill all the Facebook Job beans at Hire18, you can rest assured his presentation will be a must-see for anyone curious for what Mark Zuckerberg has in store.

Sandi Lurie – Senior Director, Global Recruiting – Optimizely

Having previously worked with some of the biggest names in tech and HR – including Salesforce, LinkedIn and Google – Sandi is bringing a thirty-year in the making treasure trove of wisdom to Hire18. Now, she heads up the full cycle recruitment, talent acquisition, analytics and initiatives for Optimizely, an innovative platform that provides a safe, experimental proving ground for businesses and developers the world over.


Tracey Allison – Director Global Talent – Avery Dennison

With an impressive resume spanning Vodaphone and Microsoft, Tracey established the talent acquisition infrastructure for packaging materials giant Avery Dennison. Additionally, Tracey is a master of graduate hiring, having assumed the responsibility for scouring the world for the best up-and-coming talent.


Remember, you’re only going to be able to take advantage of our speakers’ experience and knowledge if you have a ticket. So make sure to grab one early while you still can.



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