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Looking Inside, Not Outside to Boost Hiring Success with Internal Mobility

Sourcing candidates can get costly. You’re either paying outside recruiters or you’re spending precious time and money posting jobs and scouring other resources for talent.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret. The best candidates may be the ones you’ve already hired.

Certainly the opportunity for promotion and internal mobility is great for your current team because many of them are looking for new opportunities along their career path. Keeping them in your organization gives your team more reasons to stay – and helps you boost retention rates.

It seems obvious to me that starting a search for talent should begin within your organization. Yet I see all too many recruiters spending far too much time looking outside the company when there’s really no need. Of course you can begin an external search, but why not look internally first? It’s less cumbersome and promoting internal mobility creates a more engaged team.

Benefits of Internal Mobility: Fewer Unknowns, More Knowns

With a focus on internal mobility, your organization can take advantage of several benefits:

  • Employee growth: How many of your current employees are open to new opportunities in other companies? You may not want to admit it, but probably most of them.Giving your team the chance to grow into a new role in your organization gives them incentive to stay and inspires others to look for opportunities to enhance their skills and grow without the need to move elsewhere.
  • Retaining talent: If you’re losing your best employees to the competition, you’ve basically doubled your challenges.Not only do you have to recruit for new positions, you have to fill other roles vacated by those who’ve moved on, perhaps because they felt you didn’t value them enough to consider them for other roles.
  • Excellent culture fit: True, an employee who moves to another need may need to acclimate to different colleagues, but from an overall company perspective, employees already understand your corporate culture.With a strategy based on internal mobility, culture fit isn’t an unknown attribute, plus onboarding goes much more smoothly.
  • Less time and expense: If you know someone in your company who may be an excellent fit for a role you need to fill, you can make a quick decision.Avoiding extended processes for recruiting, screening, and interviewing saves time plus reduces the expense of promoting a job externally.

Internal mobility: A win-win scenario for inside the box thinking

Gallup’s 2015 Workforce Panel study pointed out that at least half of current employees are actively looking for new jobs, not to mention those passive candidates who’d be open to a new opportunity.

Why not meet that need for a new job in your organization? It’s a win-win scenario. You retain top talent and that talent gets a chance to shine and grow their careers while helping you grow your business.

Is it easy to find such candidates within your organization? With recruiting software such as SmartRecruiters, you can maintain talent profiles for employees as easily as for any other pool of talent.

Just remember — sometimes thinking outside the box means thinking inside the box.

Nupur Vilas

Nupur Vilas