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Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties Can Also Help You Recruit

It’s party time, people!

That’s right it’s the holiday office party season and there is plenty of good and exciting news for everyone to enjoy.  First of all, 91% of companies will have an office party this year. That’s up from 74% in 2011.  Oddly enough this is a sign of economic development and more growth expected. Battalia Winston also reported that 66% of companies expect to grow and hire in 2013 (as opposed to 48% who expected to grow and hire in 2012).

Office parties improve employee engagement, morale and help define your company culture. Engaged employees are more productive and loyal. If your people are happy and proud to be on your team they will work harder and buy into your initiatives. This can also increase your employee referral rates. People love to tell others about their great jobs with great perks and benefits, but it is even better to see the great perks of your great job. Who doesn’t love a good party?

The holiday office party is a great way to celebrate a good year, uphold tradition, onboard new employees, and even recruit new employees. That’s right your little office gathering could be a highly effective recruiting tool.


Holiday Parties


CEO’s, Managers, Supervisors and HR must set the mood.

We’ve all seen examples of bad office party behavior; this year we are focusing on the good. If there’s going to be drinking, dancing and games then the appropriate tone must be set or else there could be HR issues. The tone of the party establishes your employer brand to all party guests. Remember, although it’s a party, it’s still a work function and it’s important not to be that person who crosses the line of socializing and embarrassing behavior. Staying true to your personality goes a long way.

Your guests will take note of the parties’ scale. The extravagant parties with limos can tell of the companies growth, but also, of how wisely it chooses to allocate resources. I think these type of pampered parties are being replaced with theme and custom parties; beautiful dining halls and restaurants. Nice and simple but not over the top. This speaks to a level of social responsibility and organizational integrity. In reality the country is coming out of a recession and the fact that 9 out of 10 companies are hosting parties means that things are getting better. We have a ways to go. There are still many businesses that are not expecting to grow this year. So you want to party responsibly; you don’t want your employees to feel that the money spent on an expensive party could go to better use – like raises or better technology.

Show guests how your business does!

Holiday office parties’ can not only increase engagement but they can be wonderful ways to onboard new employees. Just as employers use the office party to assess behavior, employees use them as confirmation for accepting a position with your company. With all the outsourcing and lay-offs over that past few years, workers are ready to enjoy work again. Your office party maybe the first opportunity for you and your employees to bond.  A great holiday part is a great way and place to introduce newer employees to your company culture.


unemployment fireChris Fields is an HR professional and leadership guy who blogs and dispenses great (not just good) advice at Cost of Work.

SmartRecruiters catered a delicious holiday dinner, with guests and a new hire, in front of a modern fire above an ambitious company purpose.

Chris Fields

Chris Fields is an HR professional and leadership guy who blogs and dispenses great (not just good) advice at Cost of Work & ResumeCrusade.