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How DFC Left The Dark Ages And Saved 900 Work Hours A Week

Over the past 30 years, DFC Global Corp has become one of the world’s leading providers of accessible consumer finance services, taking the lead in serving unbanked, underbanked and small business owners across the world.

With around 1,000 branches in seven countries and a staff of 6,500 members, DFC recruiters require a tool which can assist and support the quantity of candidates they expect, especially when you consider the company favors a high-volume model headed up by only six recruiters working in close cooperation with local managers.

Tangled In The Spreadsheet Quagmire

To deal with this task, the North American division of DFC established the North American Talent Acquisition Center of Excellence in 2014 – a group designed to find the best candidates and ensure DFC maintained its high level of staffing.

Up until the creation of this group, DFC had been relying purely on rudimentary email and excel spreadsheets, creating a vast and unnavigable administrative mess which Jason Fisher, the Director of North American Talent Acquisition, likened to ‘the dark ages’.

As well as being antiquated in approach, this method was also incredibly time consuming and inefficient. Recruiters would be spending many more hours than necessary in their hunts and were still not finding the best candidates at the end of it all.

Faced with this, Jason and his team created a set of specifications any new adopted system would have to satisfy. Firstly, it should be easy to pick up and use, secondly it should be flexible in terms of integrations, and finally it should provide additional analytics, metrics and data so the recruitment efforts could be properly scrutinized and analyzed.

A Platform That Meets All Specifications

With SmartRecruiters, DFC found a solution which perfectly matched their requirements. Here’s how:

  • SmartRecruiters’ integrated assessments means recruiters only had to deal with applications that passed a certain criteria. This meant they spent less time sifting through resumes attached to emails, and more time working with the most promising candidates.
  • The flexibility of SmartRecruiters’ APIs means it can be easily integrated with DFC’s existing or desired tools, such as Cornerstone Insights.
  • SmartRecruiters comes pre-packaged with a suite of analytical tools providing recruiters with a wide range of metrics. This can allow them to conduct testing on their sourcing and processes, potentially allowing for savings in terms of time and recruitment costs.
  • The ability to quickly and easily collaborate within the SmartRecruiters platform ultimately allows for higher quality hires and an end to lengthy email chains.

As a result of working with SmartRecruiters, DFC saw major positive changes in its recruitment process, in particular regarding efficiency . They now save 900 work hours per week compared to their time in the ‘dark ages’, while the metrics and additional tools have reduced administrative costs to the equivalent of 200 hours per week.

Additionally, the number of qualified candidates DFC receives rose by 30%.

Thanks to this success with the North American division, SmartRecruiters has been rolled out in all DFC branches in the UK.

To find out more about how SmartRecruiters revolutionized DFC’s recruitment, check out the dedicated case study: DFC Leaves The Dark Ages.


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