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Recruiting Definition

How Do You Define ‘Recruiting’?

Recruiting Definition

Recruiting is the act of attracting, engaging, assessing, and onboarding talent for work. At the strategic level, it involves the identification of the skills and qualifications demanded, the development of an employer brand, the implementation of recruiting technologies, as well as, the establishing the hiring teams’ budgets and responsibilities.

The stages of recruiting are job analysis, sourcing talent, assessing talent, and engaging talent. Each stage affects talent’s willingness to work for a brand. Job analysis is the identification of the job’s activities and attributes needed; it will determine the job description and underline the job advertisement. Sourcing talent is the generation and capturing of talent’s demand through targeted recruitment marketing and recruitment sales campaigns. Assessing talent consists of interviews with the hiring team, in addition to the usage of skills, behavioral and personality assessment tests. To complete the recruitment engagement with talent, a company makes a job offer, talent agrees on compensation, and onboarding begins.

Depending on the size and culture of the organization, recruitment may be undertaken in-house by hiring managers, human resource professionals and/or recruitment specialists. Alternatively and/or additionally, parts of the recruiting process may be done by 3rd party recruitment agencies, who operate under three primary business models: contingent, retained and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).


That’s my wikipedia-style definition of recruiting. My personal five word definition of recruiting is:

Acquiring talent for your interests.

What is your definition of recruiting?

David Smooke

David Smooke was the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at SmartRecruiters and is the Founder of ArtMap Inc & AMI Publications.