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How Will HR Evolve in 2014?

It’s easy to predict the future of human resources, just go for the low hanging fruit. Whenever asked about the future of HR, “technology” is always a safe bet. It’s an easy win, because sure there will be some new tech – there’s always new tech. The real question is what new tech specifically, will help HR and is HR ready for it?

Let’s face it, we are not known as early adopters. We tend to wait until new tech been tested, tired and proven to net results. And then we stick with the old ATS, HRIS, software, or vendor that we are held to by contract. So if there is new technology we won’t use it next year anyway. Let’s talk realistically about what we (HR) should do in 2014 to evolve.

Dedication to Engagement

HR can evolve in 2014 by making more exceptional workplaces. We have to turn those engagement statistics around. Now somewhere around 65-75% of all employees are disengaged. That’s way too high. We have to make work better and workplaces more enticing. We can do that by making sure our employees are well taken care of. They sacrifice a lot for us. They come to work when they are sick, miss their kids’ school performances, miss dinner with spouses, rearrange their lives, work their butts off and its time we give them the respect they deserve.

So what does that mean? Safety training! Comfortable work spaces! New computers! New equipment! More training! And maybe even better compensation.

More Fun in Work

Another thing HR can do 2014 is learn “gamification” – which is not new but it’s everywhere; like Kevin Hart or Miley Cyrus. Your training processes and sharing databases stink. There are no reward metrics involved. If nothing is challenging or rewarding, there is no participation. It’s a fact that human beings love to compete and match wits. We also love to share. So use those metrics along with technology to create knowledge base systems which promotes and rewards sharing, communication and participation – your employees will be more engaged.

The Next Step on Social Media

C’mon man! It’s been time to stop being afraid to send a freakin’ tweet! You don’t want to learn this or that because you are afraid you will learn something that you don’t like and have to act upon it. Stop being afraid! Learn to use Facebook for recruiting, Twitter for communication and analytics. Figure out how to use a hashtag and an “@” symbol.  Remember how we preach that “Change is constant” and “It’s good to get out of your comfort zone”… Well yeah, let’s take our own medicine. Sure, there are some stupid people, saying dumb stuff online but social media is like any other tool ever invented; some people use appropriately and some people abuse it. We need to use it as tool of engagement, marketing, recruiting and brand messaging.

More Cross Department Integration 

In 2014, human resources should work with recruiting, marketing, branding, and web-developers to modernize their company’s employer branding, and that includes mobile compatibility. Mobile technology means smartphones and tablets. People are buying up these gadgets and using them more and more. If potential customers, clients and employees can’t access your websites or career pages on mobile devices, they will move on to a company that is more innovative.

Standing Up for Your Co-workers

Lastly, HR needs to be more confident and stand up to those bad bosses who requests (demands) that we break rules and turn a blind eye to impropriety. HR is a strategic partner in business, sometimes we have to access the potential risks and advise against something but that is no reason to freeze us out or marginalize us with administrative duties.


The New Year will be revolutionary for human resources, if we demand it. We have to expect higher standards of employees, our bosses, our professional development associations and our yourselves. Before HR will evolve we’ve got to know our stuff!


Gladiator In A SuitChris Fields is an HR professional and leadership guy who also helps job seekers write great resumes and blogs. His work can be found at & Photo Credit Ben Eubanks‘ UpstartHR.

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How do think HR will evolve in 2014?


Chris Fields

Chris Fields is an HR professional and leadership guy who blogs and dispenses great (not just good) advice at Cost of Work & ResumeCrusade.