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How Many Systems Does it Take to Run Your Recruitment Report?

I asked 4 different HR leaders (2 Directors of HR, 1 Talent Acquisition Manager and 1 Recruiting Manager) how many systems do you need to report on recruiting?

After looking at SmartRecruiters new recruiting platform, I asked 4 different HR leaders, who were on different systems, the following questions:

  • How many systems would your team have to use, If you needed a report to show all of your open positions in the last 30 days?
  • Where the jobs were advertised?
  • How long were they open?
  • How many candidates applied?
  • How many people were interviewed?
  • And how much did you spend in recruitment marketing?

Back in the day, we had Microsoft Excel and had to manually enter data into the spreadsheet. So in my opinion this new platform is pretty amazing, but I wanted to do some research and get some other opinions, that’s when I asked those HR friends I mentioned above, here are their responses to all those recruiting questions.


Director of HRDirector of HR for a medium sized company in the healthcare industry with 800:

“Probably two or three systems. Definitely not one. We are also using more social channels to attract talent; things like Twitter and Instagram. Those contacts are a little harder to track sometimes.”


Manager of Recruitment and Talent AcquisitionManager of Recruitment and Talent Acquisition for a government contractor with 17,000 employees:

“We would need three or four systems to access that kind of information. To have all of that data is one place would save a lot of time and money. We researched new systems in the past and most of them were limited so we decided to stay with what we had.”


Manager of HRManager of HR for a large industrial manufacturer with 800 employees:

“We would need two systems, one for candidate data and one for cost analysis. A new system would have to integrate with our enterprise company-wide and until now we have not been able to find a solution. But obviously, having all of that information in one place is a huge advantage.”


Recruiting ManagerRecruiting Manager with an industry leading frozen food manufacturer:

“We seem to have a different system for everything but probably three systems to get all that information. And we don’t really track referrals in the best way. Our workforce is aging so we have not invested too much in the social side of things but we have forecasted it for the future.”


Looking at those responses and you will notice in most cases the recruiting analyst would need to access at least two systems – maybe three – and there seems to some uncertainty.

SmartRecruiters‘ new system blew me away, it is much more than an ATS, this is a total candidate recruiting platform designed to make every aspect of the application process and candidate experience easier, more efficient and more integrated. Quite simply, one place for your entire recruitment report. All in all, SmartRecruiters has created a user friendly recruitment platform with the everyday recruiter in mind that’s well…smart.

Chris Fields

Chris Fields is an HR professional and leadership guy who blogs and dispenses great (not just good) advice at Cost of Work & ResumeCrusade.