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How Pluralsight Regained Perfect Hiring Vision with SmartRecruiters

Looking to expand your professional repertoire? Perhaps you just want to finally understand all that developer lingo? Or improve your photoshopping skills? Well, there is a company out there for you: Pluralsight.

Founded in 2004 in Farmington, Utah, Pluralsight is your one-stop-shop for online technical and business management courses, offering a vast array of courses headed up by over 1,500 subject-matter experts. Of course, finding all those highly qualified adepts is no small feat, especially when you have Pluralsights plans for expansion. By 2018, they want to push their payroll to over 2,000 staff members – a 500% increase from their 2015 level.

Recruiting in the Dark

A task like this isn’t easy, especially when, like Pluralsight, you only have one recruiter assigned to it. To achieve this goal, they would need a top-of-class applicant tracking system that could easily handle the volume of hoped-for applications.

Unfortunately, the first two systems Pluralsight used were woefully inadequate for the task, providing a poor user experience, no automation of basic functions and a lack of analytic and metric feedback.

This meant the recruiter had to spend more time chasing down hiring managers than actually dealing with candidates and applications. As Ethan Medeiros, Senior Technical Recruiter, lamented:

“These systems were horrible. It was like working with a glorified spreadsheet. We could not track our candidate volume, get any insight data into how we were hiring, and these systems could not scale to handle our rapid growth.”

Returning Recruitment Visibility to Pluralsight

Faced with this dilemma, some companies may have decided the task was not possible on the scale desired. Luckily, Pluralsight didn’t give up on their goals but instead sought out SmartRecruiters, a full talent acquisition platform that could comfortably handle their requirements. Here’s how:

  • SmartRecruiters provided an all-in-one solution on an easy-to-use, clean and efficient platform. The improved visibility allowed hiring teams to quickly locate candidates in the process, while they could also create replicable hiring processes designed to handle a large number of applications.
  • Pluralsight now had access to all the data they’d ever need, allowing them to make their entire recruitment operation more efficient in terms of manpower and cost.
  • With SmartRecuiters collaborative features, that single recruiter is no longer alone. Pluralsight would eventually expand their number of recruiters to three, while their general hiring community would eventually contain over 100 members. This allowed Pluralsight to draw on all the skills, insights and talents of their entire workforce.
  • SmartRecruiters allowed Pluralsight to set up consistent interview and feedback processes, resulting in quick and decisive decisions. Pluralsight took particular advantage of SmartRecruiters scorecards feature, allowing all hiring managers to work off the same interview and applicant criteria.

For more information, especially regarding how Pluralsight utilized their new-found metrics, read our full case study, Pluralsight: Builds a Highly Scalable Recruiting Team and Process.


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