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How Job Chaser Sees your Company Facebook Page

“If you’re not on Facebook, then you’re not out there. If you’re a company and you’re not on Facebook, you’re not in the market,” said Amy Craig of SmartRecruiters at SmartUp: Facebook Recruiting.

Facebook makes a company organic. It gives you insight into the workplace, showing you the people behind the company. Facebook is an effective recruiting tool, especially when it comes to job candidates researching your company. If you have an updated, unique Facebook page, you can increase interest from job candidates, building better talent pools.

When researching a company, social media is a starting point for many candidates.  For example, search a company’s name. There’s a good chance, they’ll have a company Facebook page. So as a job candidate, when you’re researching a company for the first time, naturally you’re going to check out, in addition to their company website, the company’s Facebook. So what are candidates looking for when they check out your company Facebook? Below are four things that your Facebook says about your company, and how you can make your Company Facebook page recruit for you:

1. Work-life balance

One thing that is very appealing to a job seeker is seeing that your company doesn’t just have a ‘come in, work, go home’ mentality. Candidates will want to see photos of your employees outside of working, for example, having fun at a company retreat or an after work happy-hour. Facebook is a perfect medium to show your company’s work life balance, so keeping your company Facebook page up to date with this kind of content is a major benefit for attracting quality job seekers.

2. Coworker comradery

People also want to work for a company where employees like each other.  This too can be shown on your Facebook (if your employees like each other). Take pictures of daily life in your office; coworkers eating lunch together, working together on a project, or playing foosball. At SmartRecruiters, one of our massive light shades began to fall from the ceiling. In a team effort, it took 6 or 7 of us to put reattach it.  The picture is not only funny, but shows the type of comradery we have in our office.

3. Your office

If you have a sweet startup office, building, or location, show it off! Who wouldn’t want to work somewhere unique, especially if their last job was in a 1960s office building with pale pink cubicle walls, in a scuzzy part of town.  If you have an awesome kitchen, unique wall art, ping pong table, or your office is a restored warehouse, don’t hide it.  Your office space is one of the ways that you can brand yourself, so have pictures of your workplace on the Facebook. Allowing a job seeker to take a virtual tour of your office may get them even more excited about the position.

4. Company values

What does your company do outside of work? Whether it be a charity, volunteering, or having a softball team, you can show your company values through your company’s Facebook. Many job candidates are looking for a company with values that align with their own, and showing your company’s involvement with social good or activity outside the workplace shows your company’s values.

Facebook is one of the ways that you can show a job candidate what it is like to work at your company. Instead of reading corporate descriptions of the company, Facebook gives a personal touch to job research. The more effective you are branding your company through Facebook, the more attractive your company will be for job seekers.


Joe Hanson, the @TheJobChaser, is a blogging intern with SmartRecruiters, the free hiring platform, including a free app to list your jobs on Facebook. Joe helped make this video:


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Joe strongly believes that content is king, and that consistently creating and publishing remarkable content is the best way to market a product. Former Blogging Intern at SmartRecruiters, and current Social/Content Marketing Manager at PubNub.