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How the Right Messaging Can Find the Best in Tech

If there’s one thing that top tech talent hates, it’s seeing inboxes flooded with generic recruiting emails. With the tech unemployment rate at 3.0 percent in the third quarter of 2015 (compared to 5.2 percent for the U.S. labor market overall), the collective hunt for top talent is fiercer than ever, with companies offering fantastic salaries and perks to candidates with the right mix of skills. That also means candidates can face a flood of poorly targeted recruiting messages.  

Recruiters, looking for ways to stand out from that deluge, have found that personalized messaging is the key to hitting a response-rate goal and generating a healthy list of tech pros with the right skills. But who has the time to sort through social profiles and code depositories, find the right candidates, and craft must-respond messages?

If you’re recruiting on behalf of a company, you can tailor your initial message to spark the candidate’s curiosity, by describing some in-development project relevant to the candidate’s interests. Sending the job description comes later; the point of the initial contact is to form a human connection and start the conversation. (For those companies that operate projects in secrecy from outsiders, describing the fascinating problems that staffers tackle will often achieve the same ends).

When it comes to reaching out to tech pros, email is the best method of first contact; messages should be short and get right to the point. After that, depending on the candidate’s preferred method of communication, you could even move to social media. The communication gets even easier if you are using a modern Talent Acquisition Platform like SmartRecruiters, where all communication with candidates is centrally stored. You can access all messages you exchange with your candidates, avoiding repetitive emails and increasing candidate engagement.

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