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How to Hire the Best IT Professionals

Information technology is the backbone of every business, utilizing computer hardware and software, as well as cloud-based applications. The multitude of technologies that encompass a company’s IT department need to run efficiently and without interruption at all times, and they need to be periodically updated when newer, more advanced versions become available. In addition, all business information and files need to be kept secure and have no risk of being compromised. As you can see, the importance of IT cannot be underestimated. Because of this, you need to hire a knowledgeable, capable and forward-thinking IT specialist.

Understand how Information Technology has Evolved

In years past, an IT department consisted of one individual who worked at a computer all day, and made sure everyone’s computers, software and email systems were working properly. Today, IT has become one of the most sophisticated and demanding fields in the business world. Information is more valuable, media channels have evolved, and companies of all sizes are relying on software and applications that can be accessed from desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. In short, IT specialists have more responsibilities than ever before, and they are often called upon after hours – and on weekends – to manage specific tasks and fix technology-related problems.

How to Hire an IT Professional

Define What you Need in an IT Specialist

Clearly define your company’s specific IT needs for today and what they will be in the near future. For example, you might be experiencing growth and need to add new employees or another office location. Or, you might be planning to launch a new website or a mobile version of your existing website. Each of these “big picture” business strategies is large in scope and requires expert IT knowledge, so you will want someone who has above-average experience in these areas. Of course, you will want your IT specialist to be well-versed in database management, information security, system administration, and programming languages, to name a few. An IT expert who has a full understanding of Unix, Linux, Java, C++, Perl, MySQL and XML will be a huge benefit for your company.

Look for Candidates in the Right Places

There are several jobs that fall under the IT umbrella, and some of them have tasks that overlap each other. Be specific in your job ads so candidates know exactly what is expected of them. You have access to many online employment sites and niche job boards, some of which specialize in the IT industry. You may also want to consult with your peers to get professional referrals. Use your social networks to share the job and test your hand at social recruiting.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing fields in the United States. The increasing number of computer technology and computer engineering graduates, means there is no shortage of employment prospects for your company. IT professionals are in high demand and command premium salaries nationwide.

Interviewing IT candidates

As you begin receiving resumes for your IT specialist position, set aside those that meet all of your requirements and schedule personal interviews with each. Along with education, training and experience, the ideal IT specialist has enthusiasm and good interpersonal communication skills. An IT professional works in their office throughout the day, but there will be times when they need to interact with you and your employees, as well as your computer hardware and software vendors. So, make a note of the candidates who are approachable and appear to have outgoing personalities.

Having a talented IT expert on staff will support your company’s myriad technologies, reduce the risk of sensitive information being compromised, and help you and your employees work more efficiently and effectively. Ultimately, the right IT employee can help take your company to the next level and enable you to look at new business initiatives.


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