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Four Ways HR Tech Takes Recruiting to the Next Level

If you want to stay ahead in the hiring game, there are some tech advances you need to be aware of, or even more, to master.

There’s a large skills gap in today’s job market, and hiring professionals are finding it difficult to find the right candidates in this highly competitive market. This has given rise to hiring managers leaning more on social recruiting, artificial intelligence products, and overall HR technology upgrades. Here are four ways HR Tech will take your talent acquisition process to the next level.

1. Implementing Artificial Intelligence/Chatbots

Using artificial intelligence or chatbots in your recruiting process can drastically reduce tedium. Reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews and internal coordination are all necessary, but with a chatbot, all these tasks can be automated, leaving HR and recruitment professionals to focus on more complex activities such as employer branding, improving outreach, and other related tasks.

2. Posting on Multiple Job Boards

Recruiting professionals are relying on job boards to source quality talent. According to Zety, about 52% of applications arrive via from job boards. Most applicant tracking systems (ATS) offer job board integrations. Posting to several job boards at once is a great way to get more exposure, and with an ATS, your hiring team can save hundreds of work hours otherwise lost to filtering through a pool of applicants.

3. Pre-screening Candidates

AI for recruiting is designed to reduce or remove time-consuming activities like manually screening resumes. 52% of Talent Acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large applicant pool. AI screening software adds functionality to the ATS by using hiring data like performance and turnover to make hiring recommendations for new applicants. The recommendations are made by applying learned information about existing employees’ skills to automatically grade new candidates.

4. Using AI to Remove Bias From Recruitment Process

AI is able to assess data points around successful employees and objectively determine the best hires in a talent pool. Recruiting AI can be programmed to ignore demographic information, such as gender, race, and age to increase the opportunity for diversity.

AI also exposes bias in your recruiting, giving you a clear view of potential problems and the ability to address them.

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Aida Fazylova