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HR Tech Startups are White-Hot

On Wednesday January 8, SmartRecruiters will open their doors to more than two dozen industry-leading startups in the HR space, along with hundreds from across the tech ecosystem.

Why HR and why now? Year after year, I’ve heard founder after founder, company after company, express little but frustration with the traditional recruiting process. Meanwhile, it seem as though recruiters themselves were caught in an endless game of cat-and-mouse sorting frantically through an endless flow of online resumes.

I wish I could say those days are behind us. They aren’t, but change is coming — change that Silicon Valley is betting big on.

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On Wednesday, my company, has partnered with SmartRecruiters for an industry-defining night: The Future of HR. Together we’ve curated a dynamic group of 21 startups, along with 5 sponsors, who in total have raised more than $615 million.

These startups present a bold vision of tomorrow’s organization — one where intelligent systems keep operations humming like a breeze, where career advancement is automated and shaped by an individual’s direct contributions, where the importance of interviewing on video outweighs that in person, and so on.

The HR tech industry is arriving at a convergence, being reshaped by mobile, social, big data, and the cloud; it’s a coming of age for organizational efficiency to stand alongside organizational fun.

What does the future have in store? Find out this week at #sfbeta :: The Future of HR. And read the SmartRecruiters Blog daily for more.

To join the conversation early, tweet your prediction for the “Future of HR” on the tag “#sfbeta @SmartRecruiters” and you have a chance of winning a ticket to the exclusive 5 pm panel discussion with Zenefits CEO Parker Conrad, Gild Chief Scientist Vivienne Ming, and SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck.

Christian Perry