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Weekly Release: Improved Collaboration with Easy User Management

This week’s focus has been on making hiring easy, specifically for the administrative users:

* User management: Collaborating with your colleagues to choose the right candidate is a key part of your recruiting strategy. To enable this, SmartRecruiters lets you invite colleagues into the system. We have redesigned these user management workflows to make them more intuitive. At a glance, you can tell which accounts are in-use and which have been deactivated. If an employee leaves the organization, you can discontinue their accounts, with just a single click.


Adding new accounts is also a breeze. Fill in the basic information and SmartRecruiters sends them an invitation to join the system.



* Adding new departments: We have made similar changes to the Department management area of the Admin section so that you can easily add new departments. You can then use these departments to classify your jobs, making it easy for candidates to find jobs in departments of interest.


* Setting up auto-parsing of resumes: SmartRecruiters has always had the capability of parsing incoming resumes, be it via email or online applications so that every resume is automatically converted into a candidate profile. Setting up this feature is really intuitive with our new interface. You can easily select the application channels where you require resume parsing to be turned on.



This week’s bug fixes:

* We are very happy to report that we have resolved all job ad related issues. All your current and new job ads will be displayed with the right branding.

* Some users were not able to complete the payment process, which meant you could not post your jobs to paid boards integrated with SmartRecruiters. This issue has been fixed now and your payments should go through easily.

* We have significantly reduced the delay experienced while posting a job and loading some of the key pages in the system. This will reduce the number of system time-outs.

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