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Insight Ventures to support Recruiting Startup of the Year

For over 20 years, this leading venture capital firm has raised more than $13 billion, and invested in over 250 growth-stage companies. Now, Insight Ventures Partners is getting in on the ground floor, banking on the company that will become SmartRecruiters’ Startup of the Year.

If you’re a tech company finding your feet in a shaky economy, chances are you’ve fantasized about being midwived to the big-time by someone like Insight Ventures Partners. With 3.6 billion Fund X dollars in the latest round of funding towards their nearly 413 billion, this 74-exit, 100-employee VC counts companies like Twitter, Ali Baba and Flipboard among its myriad beneficiaries.

With portfolio operations in 65 countries, these are the guys that can take you from the kids’ table to the high-roller suite. Since 1995, Insight’s speciality has been growth-stage internet and software companies, the venerable firm will be putting their money behind a startup, we just don’t know which one yet. Because first, there will be a contest to name the Recruiting Startup of the Year, a feat of strength to be battled out at Hiring Success 18, March 12-14 in San Francisco

So now, with our latest Hire18 partner on board, be sure to register here to join in the fun, and let’s take a look at some of the confirmed entrepreneurs who’ll be vying to be first-in-line at the ear of the venerable Insight Ventures.


Finance: Raised $200m through ICO.

Founder: Simon Yu.

Function: Micro-tasking and ad tech on the Ethereum blockchain.


Finance: Raised $100m.

SVP: Lisa Hu, employee #20 scaled to 250. Went to LBS, U Michigan.

Function: Expanding the reach of Augmented Reality.


Finance: Raised $10-$20m.

Founder: Amir Ashkenazi, who also founded, acquired by eBay.

Function: Sourcing pre-qualified and pre-interested candidates.


Finance: Raised $12m.

Founder: Tigran Sloyan, math olympian, TEDx speaker, went to MIT.

Peter Braun

Peter Braun

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