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Insights From Delivering 150,000+ Online Assessments

While delivering 150,000+ online assessments in 2013, we have received a lot of feedback from customers and assessment takers alike. For those who have taken online assessments (Assestant), it has of course, been the primary ‘convenience factor’ that stands out. The online delivery saves quite a lot of travel, time and effort; not to mention the otherwise disturbance of their work schedule.

Why assess candidates?

‘Every other company is in the business of talent. The conundrum of acquiring talent rests in identifying them first hand!’

Whether we like it or not, the life cycle of a typical ‘talent” revolves around the word ‘performance.’ Online assessments are viewed as the right first step for the start of performance based hiring versus pure judgment based hiring.

In a classic recruitment funnel, consisting of six broad processes, it is usually found that the top four consume a lot of effort and cost. When an automated online assessment is added to the top, the lifecycle of the recruitment shifts to rightly focus on the bottom and brings value.

Employment Assessments

A use case being a company wanting to recruit five Java programmers:

  • Advertises and collects about 500 applications (P1) with resumes.
  • Initial screening (P2) to short list potential candidates for contacting.
  • To test their knowledge level / skill / availability (P3), a bunch of company recruiters start making calls to about 50 candidate and select 25 candidates for interview (P4)
  • These candidates go through technical & HR interview (P5)
  • And between P2 to P4 several days are wasted; not to mention that there is no authentic data or ranking to enable P5.

Well, simply, when an online assessment is included, there is an authentic report (with ranking) to conduct technical and HR interview. Whether the person selected is strong in core java or JDBC or JSP, now we have data to decide. For example, here’s an Assestant report:

Online Employment Assessment

Senior HR Manager Mr. P.R.Srinivasan of ETA ASCON Group, a multinational company, says of these online employments assessments, ‘We are equally happy to mention that your system is user friendly and within no time we were able to get the shortlisted candidates in the required format.’

The Employment Assessment Insight

To make the recruitment process enjoyable and productive for both hiring companies and candidates, add the right assessments. Recruit Smart!

Assestant, your simple, easy to use online assessment service, is now available within SmartRecruiters.

CEO Praveen Raja