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Inspiration for Writing Job Ads

Earlier today, SmartRecruiters released a new feature we’re calling Job Ad Help, which is geared towards helping our users produce compelling, high-quality job ads for their open positions. Now when you’re writing a new job ad, you can see the best examples posted by other companies based on similar jobs. We think this feature will save you some time, ensure you have all key information covered, and most importantly, provide inspiration to come up with something that will appeal to your prospective candidates.

Brief Feature Walkthrough

1. You can access this feature on the job ad editor page when you create a new job. When you type in a ‘Job Title’, you will see a “View Examples” link appear next to both the ‘Job Description’ and ‘Qualifications’ fields (examples are shown by section).

2. When you click the “View Examples” link, a panel window will slide out from the right, showing up to 10 jobs that are similar to yours. We display the most relevant and engaging job ads from the hundreds of thousands of jobs that have been created through SmartRecruiters. You can then click on any job to see an example of a ‘Job Description’ or ‘Qualifications’ writeup (depending on which field you’re viewing examples for).

3. We’ve made it easy for you to interact with and leverage these examples – a) you can click the “Import” button to populate the editor field with the example and use it as a starting template; b) you can copy any snippets that you would like to use and paste it into the editor field; c) you can simply use the example as a reference as you type away into the editor field.

Lastly, you can cycle through different examples using the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons at the bottom of the example window, or click the ‘Menu’ button to return back to the full list view.

We’re excited about this feature, as it’s another way we’re trying to deliver value back to our users based on the activity taking place on our platform. Give it a try the next time you create a job using SmartRecruiters. We hope you find it useful, and as always, please let us know if you have any feedback or would like to schedule a demo.


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