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Jerome Ternynck Main Stage at HR Tech World Amsterdam with Keys to Hiring Success


CEO and Founder of SmartRecruiters Jerome Ternynck takes the main stage of HR Tech World Amsterdam 2017 with the formula for engaging the ‘boardroom’ in hiring success.

Close your eyes and think about the last successful hire you made and how they affected your team and contributed to your company as a whole. That feeling you are experiencing right now is what we call hiring success. Jerome thinks that this feeling isn’t experienced enough. And it’s not experienced enough because hiring managers, recruiters, candidates and leadership need a new way of interacting with each other and evaluating their hiring systems.

Hiring success matters because the people you hire will end up defining you as a leader and determine the overall future of your company. It’s imperative to the longevity and health of a business because you can’t reach your goals without the right people.

In the talent-driven economy identifying and attracting these top performers isn’t getting any easier. Recruiters and Hiring Managers face the perfect storm of talent shortage, hyper-specialization, and job market volatility. That’s why we need to reimagine recruitment as a boardroom topic as opposed to an administrative concern.

Instead of tracking, we are marketing. Instead of automating, we are collaborating. And instead of focusing on faster and cheaper, we are focusing on better!

The answer to successful hiring takes place in 3 parts: pillars, technology, and metrics. With this three-pronged approach recruiters and hiring managers will have the tools they need to make a hiring strategy the board can get behind.


  • Compelling Candidate Experience: The ability to find, engage, and nurture amazing candidates across all channels with a compelling experience and optimal returns.
  • Engaged Hiring Managers: Deep collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers to drive better hiring outcomes.
  • Empowered Recruiters: Highly productive talent acquisition team that operates like a sales & marketing team.


  • An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that does more than track applicants. End to end capabilities to attract, select, and hire top talent.
  • Built-in Marketplace: All recruiting vendors pre-integrated
  • Modern Cloud Platform: Open and agile architecture that is both compliant and smart.

Evaluate your technology with 3 questions.

  1. Will this help me find and engage great candidates with a compelling experience across all channels?
  2. Will managers use this everyday to collaborate and manage their hiring?
  3. Will my recruiters have all of their data, processes and suppliers in one place so they can be effective?


  • Hiring Budget: Total Recruiting Costs as a % of new hire payroll. How much are we investing?
  • Hiring Velocity: Percent of positions that are filled on time. Can we get the people we need when we need them?
  • Hiring Score: An NPS-like measure of the quality of hire. Are we hiring people that are a good fit?

Metrics engagement will help Hiring Managers and recruiters engage leadership in hiring challenges and encourage hiring investment.


The goal is to be able to attract, select and hire the best talent for any role, on demand and on budget. When recruiters and hiring managers use these strategies for hiring success, everyone succeeds from the applicant to the business.

 Please share with us your struggles or triumphs in this area in the comments below.

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