Job Interviews 2.0: Embrace the Revolution of Video Interviews

The use of video interviewing within the recruiting ecosystem has seen dramatic changes of late. The prevalence of YouTube, Facebook and Skype has made video central to  people’s lives. Now, globalization and mobile technology have boosted the need for Talent Acquisition teams to use video interviews as a screening tool instead of old fashioned phone interviews.

According to a recent Video Interviewing Usage Study by Sarah White & Associates, more than half of companies phone-screen 4 to 9 candidates for each open position, while 35% of organizations take more than 30 minutes per candidate just to schedule a phone-screen. That means you can lose up to 4.5 hours of your day just to schedule phone interviews for one position. With an asynchronous video interview integrated to your Talent Acquisition Platform, you can schedule and screen your long list of candidates in mere minutes rather than hours. From an ROI perspective, it makes sense doesn’t it?

Well, the benefits don’t stop there! Integrating video interviews to your hiring process provides numerous benefits for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates:

  1. Better quality talent pipeline: Video interviews allow a powerful and faster screening process, bringing  higher caliber candidates for later round face-to-face interviews.
  2. Better candidate experience: It gives candidates the convenience to use mobile apps to record interviews, when they want.
  3. Higher collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters: Teams can evaluate candidates together on their mobile devices or phones
  4. Better hiring success metrics: Video interviewing reduces the cost and time-to-hire for every candidate.
  5. Higher recruiter productivity: See video interviews seamlessly integrated to your Talent Acquisition Platform as a step in the hiring process, and eliminate scheduling and coordination hassles.

Interested to know how you can integrate video interviews to your hiring process? Check out Sonru in the SmartRecruiters Marketplace, and allow your candidates to complete their interview at a time and location that is convenient for them, while you can get the right applicants in front of hiring managers sooner than it would be possible with traditional methods alone.


Sonru and SmartRecruiters work harmoniously together, bringing the best features of asynchronous video interviewing to a seamlessly integrated platform. This SmartRecruiters Marketplace integration allows video interviews to be deployed in seconds, with just a click of a button! And you can browse a selection of 6 pre-defined strengths-based interview types tailored to evaluate candidates specifically for different job positions.

Video interviewing technology has come of age, giving TA teams a competitive advantage in the race to find top talent. Can you afford to come last?



This article was written by Gillian Doyle. She has been with Sonru for over a year now and has been involved in many aspects of the organization. Beginning her Sonru journey as Business Developer for the Nordic Region she transitioned into her current role as Global Alliances Relationship Manager and has become a video-interviewing expert in the recruitment field. She strives to keep herself and her alliance partners well informed on all the latest Sonru buzz and she is passionate about educating the world about video interviewing!

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Gillian Doyle Global Alliances Manager, Sonru
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