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Kevin W. Grossman on Recruiting and Labor

In the ongoing search to figure out new ways for technology to improve the recruiting process, I spoke with Kevin W. Grossman in Santa Cruz, CA. “The world is changing with regards to employment. It’s never going to be the same way it was,” Kevin Grossman said.

Zero Unemployment is a belief that more can always be done to help the willing reach full employment.

In Part 1 of this interview, Kevin Grossman explains fluctuations he observed in the major booms and busts of the Silicon Valley workforce, as well as, the increasing roles of humanizing, solo-preneurs, and Linkedin to the recruiting process.

In Part 2 of this interview, Kevin Grossman interprets the nature of the recent job growth, Watson’s future role in the workplace, the revival of entrepreneurs, and the importance of emotional intelligence to production.

Kevin Grossman is the VP & Research Director of Human Capital Management at Ventana Research and the founder of Marcom HRsay.

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