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Meet the Manifold Voices of Hiring Success 18 Europe

SmartRecruiters’ first European Hiring Success Conference calls on the fresh voices of the EU, UK, US, and beyond to recast the TA conversation.

At its core, recruiting is about community building that powers business success. Hiring Success 18 Europe, coming September 19-20 in Berlin, Germany, brings together experts of varied disciplines, from TA gurus, political advisors, to tech savants. The one thing they all have in common? An uncanny ability to lead.

Whether it’s inspiring an organization to redefine talent, or challenging your team to become fluent in social media, the speakers at Hiring Success 18 know how to achieve business goals through inspirational people strategy that gets everyone on the same page.

Today we introduce just a few of the innovators in our exceptional line-up. Make sure to check out our conference agenda here and register now for best prices for you and your team.

Dr. Franziska Leonhardt

Dr. Franziska Leonhardt is an executive legal consultant for high-profile corporations and private equity firms in Germany. She first made an impact in Berlin’s startup scene as part of the management team of Rocket Internet SE, where she helped structure the company’s international business portfolio and IPO in 2014. Dr. Leonhardt currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of kloeckner.i, the web platform for the steel and metal industry giant Klöckner&Co SE, where she oversees company growth strategies in the digital space.

Diana Kinnert

CEO, equal-rights activist, political advisor to the Chancellor, published author. She’s not even 30 yet.

Matt Alder

Since 1999, any company ready for the digital transformation has turned to Matt Alder to lead the charge. This digital strategist and author has already redefined “exceptional talent” in his eponymous first book and now he’s ready to show us how you can make your own best practice.

Frédéric Mazzella

Car-hailing and -sharing services are now normal in most cities. But when your ailing grandmother sends for you from her country house at the end of a muddy lane 60 miles away from your favorite Starbucks, what do you do? Paving the next lane in car apps, Mazzella founded BlaBlaCar to handle the kind of long-distance carpooling that will have you dipping biscuits into granny’s tea in no time, and leave you enough money for your next week of lattes to boot.

James Purvis

Heading a Human Resources department at a paper factory is one thing. James Purvis has the responsibility of choosing between the smartest people on Earth for the most prestigious job postings in modern science, at CERN. After almost 30 years of career growth within the organization, he may, by now, even be able to explain to you what the Hadron Collider does.

Jenny Elisabeth Jung

Jenny Jung attended her first peer coaching program in 2017, and was so inspired by it that she launched MindTheLeader, a leadership training and peer-coaching service for startup leaders and entrepreneurs. Firmly rooted in the Berlin startup environment, Jung was previously the VP of Operations at EyeEM, a premier photography community and sharing platform, as well as the COO of Factory, a tech startup campus that hosts SoundCloud, Twitter, and Zendesk. Leveraging her wealth of experience in the startup space, Jung mentors up-and-coming leaders on company organizational health, business operations, and people ops.

Kasia Borowicz

This sourcer, trainer, and lifelong learner helps recruiters get the hang of the social aspect of social media to build real relationships with candidates. Kasia knows how to create communities around professional passion, and she’s ready to make you part of hers!

Adam Kostyál

From his Stockholm office at the top of Europe, Nasdaq’s Adam Kostyal oversees the comings and goings of tech firms across European markets. A professional watcher of startups, an obsessive once he sniffs the possibility of hypergrowth, there is no one better be able to read what’s coming on the far side of an IPO, or when betting on the outcome though investment will pay off.




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