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Millennial Job Search Advice from Jason Dorsey

“If it’s your passion, go do it.” Jason Dorsey walked the talk when he dropped out of college to pursue his passion of helping people. Along the way he became a world-renowned speaker, three time best selling author, consultant, and Chief Strategy Officer at the Center for Generational Kinetics.

In a sit down with Jason Dorsey at the SmartRecruiters headquarters, he explained his work and the challenges millennials face in entering the workplace (and how to overcome the situation below).

Millennials are entering the workforce faster than we can blink. As each generation enters the workplace so do the nuances from their time. Dorsey’s life mission is to make compatible workplaces for all generations, so that the most of each of their skills can be maximized. 

“Understanding and respecting each generation comes with huge benefits,” explains Dorsey. The result is productive workplaces that people enjoy.

Dorsey explained the difficulty millenials have entering the work place, but stressed anyone that really wants a job, can get one. “It comes down to desire, do you have the burning desire to do it?” asks Dorsey. Sometimes getting a job “comes at a cost: moving to a new place, taking a job below your skill level, taking a job that you don’t love.”

But in the end, the cost is worth the reward as long as you position yourself to always be taking the next step forward. Of course there are challenges in entering the workforce, but Dorsey shared his three secrets for millennials to get hired:


First: “Go back and fix your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one create it. If you have one, make it about outcomes you’ve created or projects that you’ve tackled. Things that make you human and credible are really important.”

Second: “If there’s nothing about you on the Internet go write a bunch of blog posts or guest articles that show you know something or care about something, because these will come up in an organic search around your name which all employers now do right off the bat.”

Third: Practice interviewing, almost every millennial we meet with thinks he or she is a great interview candidate. Almost all that went and interviewed don’t do a great job. We think people want to talk to us in the way we want to talk to them, which is going through it losey goosey. When we talk to interviewers the number one thing right now is eye contact, can you carry on a conversation? Do you seem confident? They don’t have time to train all those communication skills. If you show up with that and a good attitude, they’ll hire you and find a place for you.”


Dorsey’s three secrets are a lesson in personal branding. With social media recruiting at an all time high and social networks becoming the new resume, there is no reason that millenials should not be publicizing themselves as the best candidate for the job. Taking the time to create online profiles to represent your interests and skills combats the stereotypes that millenials are entitled and lazy by showing past work and accomplishments.

“Innovation comes from diversity of thought, and diversity of thought comes from different generations and that’s where the power is,” explains Dorsey.

Dorsey’s advice to millenials is – be bigger than the sterotypes – and work hard to be qualities this generation can become known for: problem solving, adaptability, and energy.


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Jason Dorsey, the Gen Y Guy, connects generations to build businesses.

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Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters.