Mock Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Labor Day, for those lucky enough to have a job is about taking a day off. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. On Labor Day, help a friend find a job.  As a volunteer for Give Labor Day you have the opportunity to help friend, former colleague, or stranger get one step closer to their potential employer.

Remember what it was like going to a job interview?  Sweaty palms. Self doubt. Wait, did I really just say that moments? Remind the job-seeker the best way to overcome the stress is to be prepared. They should know the ins-and-outs of the company and the responsibilities of the job they have applied to.  But more than anything, remind them to be themselves!

It will take fifteen minutes, and your find will appreciate the help. Be a Give Labor Day volunteer.

Below are some simple interview tips and questions to help prepare your friend for their big day.


Remind Them To:

  • Research. 

    Be prepared by knowing as much about the company, interviewers, and job as possible.

  • Come prepared with questions. Keep in mind you have every right to interview them as well. You need to make sure that the job, culture, and company is as much of a fit for you as you are to them.
  • Be yourself! The company wants to meet you, not the person you think they want to meet. The interviewer will be able to read right through your bullsh*t if you put on an act.
  • Standout.This is the best time to show off your experience, skills, and why you are the best choice for the job. Remember that the company is most likely interviewing other candidates so don’t be modest.
  • Follow up.Send a note thanking the interviewer(s) for meeting with you. This shows an appreciation for their time, AND the fact that you are committed to the job.

Questions to Practice Answering:

    • Why do you want to work here?


    • What is your greatest weakness? Greatest strength? 


    • What problems have you encountered at work? How did you overcome them?


    • Are you a self-motivator? How much feedback does your ideal boss give?


    • Describe your work style.


    • If you were an animal which one would you be? (they are probably not going to ask you this, but it is good to throw in a few outside the box questions to keep the candidate sharp)


    • What did you dislike about your previous job?


    • What have you been doing since you were last employed?


    • What interests you about this job?


  • Why should we hire you?


*Keep in Mind – the more realistic the mock interview, the more prepared your friend will be! Volunteer on Give Labor Day.

Charlie Nelson is the Director of Business Development at SmartRecruiters, the free job board software that makes hiring easy.

On Labor Day, help a friend find a job. Volunteer to (1) facilitate introductions, (2) Improve a candidate’s online presence, or (3) give resume, cover letter, and interview counseling.

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Charlie Nelson Charlie Nelson is the Director of Business Development at SmartRecruiters, the free recruiting software that makes hiring easy.
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