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SmartRecruiters May Features

New Features: May 2016

This May, we’ve released some awesome product features that focus on team collaboration and robust analytics. If scheduling, communication, or our SmartRecruiters APIs are important to you and your team, then you’re going to be just as excited as we are about these new features!

For this release, we’re focusing on three things: adding Office 365 to our Interview Scheduling, an improved Collaborative Notes experience, and fresh Analytics APIs. Plus, we have new Marketplace Partners and delightful enhancements coming your way! So without further ado, here is everything we’re releasing in May 2016:

Office 365 Calendar Integration

Microsoft Office 365 Calendar Integration

Previously this year, we released our Google Calendar Integration. A lot of customers requested this feature to speed up their SmartRecruiters workflow. After pushing the integration live we got some great feedback, but we weren’t going to stop there. Just after releasing that feature, we immediately went back to work to make sure that our customers using Microsoft’s Office 360 suite of apps weren’t left out in the cold.

Calendar Integration

For those of you using Microsoft Office 365, you can now enjoy two-way synchronization of your team’s calendars to speed up the interview scheduling process. Without leaving the SmartRecruiters Platform, you can see the availability of your team members and meeting rooms. It’s easy interview scheduling done right.


Open Notes In Publisher

Open Notes In Publisher

We believe that collaboration is integral to a successful hiring team, and we’ve built SmartRecruiters around it. To help with collaboration, our Notes Publisher is often essential to our customer’s recruiting efforts. That being said, we’ve given our Publisher a big upgrade, and now you can control who sees what update in a much easier way.

Open Notes Example

@ Mentions can now be seen by new team members added to the hiring team. Additionally, the publisher has gone through a visual and functional overhaul so you can know exactly where your notes and messages are going to. Collaboration is so much easier in our upgraded Publisher.

Analytics Api

Application Data in Analytics API

Our APIs allow SmartRecruiters to be your Recruiting Operating System, and extend functionality to meet your team’s specific needs. Now, with the Analytics API, we’ve released a collection of endpoints that allow you to download data for reporting and analytics purposes. Plus, our new Analytics API serves pre-calculated data, and is optimized for faster, easier reporting and data analysis.

Data is the lifeblood of your future hiring process, and now, we’re able to serve you even better data than before.

New May Marketplace Partners


Click Boarding

Click Boarding – Onboarding: Click Boarding, a robust onboarding software integrated with SmartRecruiters Marketplace provides an integrated and intuitive experience for the new hire and hiring team.


HR Onboard

HROnboard – Onboarding: HROnboard is an employee onboarding software that helps organizations engage new hires and beyond. It’s now available via SmartRecruiters Marketplace.



SocialReferral – Sourcing: Empower your employees to become the ultimate brand ambassadors for your business and attract the best talent using SocialReferral, now integrated with SmartRecruiters Marketplace.

Delightful Enhancements

  • You can now filter by source on the People page and the People list on a job page to know exactly where your candidates come from.
  • Boolean Search – you will now be able to use AND, OR, NOT, and () operators to make more advanced searches in both the People page and the People list within a job.
  • @ mentioned individuals will now get email notifications when comments are added to notes they are mentioned in.
  • You now have the ability to edit details of finished or in-progress interviews to capture last minute changes.
  • See details of schedules beyond just free / busy when using the Google Calendar Integration.
  • In addition to Candidate Fields, you can now also use Job Fields as merge fields in your offers.
  • Edit Accepted Offers – Unexpected changes in offer terms can now be edited even if the offer has been accepted. SmartRecruiters will maintain a historical record of all versions of your edited offers.

All of this innovation is due in no small part to you, our amazing customers’ great ideas. We strive every month to deliver an experience that is not only deep and robust, but delightful and easy to use.

Happy Hiring!

Taylor Sternberg

Taylor is a Marketing Manager, where he communicates the awesomeness of SmartRecruiters to our current and future clients. Prior to SmartRecruiters, Taylor “walked the boards” as an actor in the Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical “Jersey Boys”. Originally from Los Angeles, Taylor enjoys teaching weightlifting and fitness classes, performing with ComedySportz Worldwide, and will always be a devoted LA Kings fan.