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Sourcing Analytics

Today, SmartRecruiters launched the new Sourcing Page, marking our first giant step towards allowing our customers to use data and analytics to measure their hiring performance. For each job you create and manage through our software, you can see a real-time report of where your candidates are being sourced from (e.g. job boards, recruiters, etc.). You’ll also see other key metrics about the job including how many days it’s been open and how much of your recruiting budget you’ve spent so far.

Sourcing Tab Overview

Fast forward to when you’ve filled a round of jobs, you can come back to this page to review your company’s hiring performance. This is where things get really interesting AND informative – you can see where you’ve historically had the most success finding quality candidates so you can make better ROI-based decisions in the future.

Walkthrough of the Sourcing Page

You can access the new feature by going to the Jobs page, clicking on a particular job, and then clicking on the Analytics tab. At the top of this page, you’ll find a dashboard view for the job, showing how many candidates were sourced, interviewed and hired, how long the job was open for, and how much you spent towards the job.

Sourcing Tab Dashboard

Below the dashboard, you’ll see a chart representing a timeline of your sourcing activity for that job. There are markers that indicate when you posted to a job board, as well as a graph showing how many candidates you sourced and how many views your job ad received on any given day.

Sourcing Tab Chart

Finally, towards the bottom of the page, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of where your candidates were sourced from and a rating scale to represent the quality of candidates from those sources. We’ve organized this section into the following four major categories – Organic, Paid, Recruiters and Databases – with further granularity shown within each of these sections.

Sourcing Tab Breakdown

Using Analytics in Recruiting

At SmartRecruiters, we’re firm believers that smarter hiring comes from analyzing and learning from what worked (and didn’t work) in the process. Given how important hiring is for any company, isn’t this an area you would want to see more transparency and improvement over time? Our mission is to provide the tools and insights to do just that, and Sourcing Analytics is just the beginning for us.


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