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OneWire on Finding Relevant Job Opportunities

As part of SmartRecruiters‘ ongoing effort to identify how technology can reduce friction in the the labor market, I interviewed Brin McCagg at the HR Demo Show in Las Vegas.

“We focus on the big three problems in recruiting,” said McCagg.

“Its hard to find the right candidates, and if you talk to the heads of HR of the Fortune 1,000, I think they’ll all tell you, they are dealing with – first of all-  an abundant volume of candidates they have to sort through, and that’s getting more and more difficult as the cost of distributing resumes is going down – with email and with social networks and all that. Being able to narrow down to a very precise candidate that matches the opportunity is very important and getting increasingly difficult.”

How much can technology do for employment levels?

“Well there is two parts to that question; as technology companies grow, they are obviously hiring. OneWire created 55 jobs in the heart of New York at the depth of the recession. We started the company in 2008. And so that is obviously one effect we have. But by getting people better matched to relative opportunities, you’re basically creating better retention because if you get better people, they are more likely to stay at jobs and be more productive, be happier in their position. And so we think  – and its hard to measure this – that OneWire along with other technologies are having a beneficial impact on getting people in the right positions for them and the right positions for their company.”

Brin McCagg is the Cofounder and President of OneWire, a company that connects professionals with precisely relevant opportunities.

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