6 Featured Speaker Sessions at Hiring Success 17

The speakers at Hiring Success are some of the best Talent Professionals in the world, and we can’t wait to share every session with you. With a diverse set of speakers, panels, and learning, there will be something for everyone to take back to their company to achieve hiring success!

With over 30 sessions to attend, it’s hard to cover every single one in a blog post, but here are some of the ones we’re excited about attending ourselves!

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Higher Salary Demands: The Cost of Poor Online Reviews

A recent article published at the Harvard Business Review, “Why Do Employees Stay?” examines key reasons why employers suffer high turnover, pointing out that replacing an employee costs about 21 percent of their annual pay.

That’s not so surprising. We all know (or should know) that there’s a high cost to organizations with reputations as poor employers, especially as reflected in online reviews.

But what I found very interesting is not just costs to replace an employee, but the premium employees demand from companies that don’t demonstrate that they value their teams.

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#WeAreHiring MeetUp: Candidate Experience & Technical Hiring

Technical hiring is currently as hard as it’s ever been. There are more open roles in software development than there are qualified people to fill them. This means the average engineer has more options than they can even fathom.

With this in mind, how do you set yourself apart to attract, screen, hire, and retain top talent? There are many aspects in which you can focus, but the most important is candidate experience.

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