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HR Tech Spotlight: Shared Talent Pools with MoBerries

You’ve already heard the buzz around Berlin’s venture capital swarm. Now meet one of the fastest movers in the hive. MoBerries is a Berlin-based HR AI technology company, founded in 2015. CEO Terence Hielscher...

German TV is Moving at the Speed of Digital

This recruiter wants you to know: he’s not an external headhunter, and he’s not afraid of being “tech-augmented”, either.

60 Mil Seats to Fill: A Recruiting Story

What started as a misadventure to grandma’s house turned into the car-sharing app that’s taken over the EU. Frédéric Mazzella tells us how he did it.

Five Ways to Ensure Your Hiring Practice is Fair and Effective

Technology has made it easier than ever to source high-quality candidates, here’s what you need to do next to make your selection process doesn’t fall prey to inherent bias.

Know the Best Time to Go IPO, and Other Advice from NASDAQ Top Brass

A professional watcher of startups, an obsessive once he sniffs the possibility of hypergrowth, there is no one better be able to read what’s coming on the far side of an IPO From his Stockholm office at the...

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