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GDPR: Does Your ATS Vendor Have You Covered?

We are mere days away from the European Union’s game-changing data privacy legislation. If you’re in Talent Acquisition, your first question is whether your ATS is a strength or a liability.

Skills to Survive the Automation Revolution

Actually, the revolution is already upon us, but arming yourself with some basic knowledge can save your career from robotic annihilation.

The Best Job Boards to Find Creatives

The results are in—companies need creators, not administrators, and here’s where you’re going to find them.

Are Employers Ready To Embrace the White Collar Gig Economy?

As more individuals pivot into freelance and self-employed work, companies are rethinking how to attract and retain independent professionals.

Take a Chance on Me: Why Unlikely Candidates Make Great Hires

Three standout applicants navigate prejudice, apathy, and computer algorithms to snag their dream jobs – highlighting how backwards the hiring process can be. No degree? A criminal record? Good luck getting...

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Hire18 Speaker Interview: Lisa Wang

If you’ve been feeling like a bit of an underachiever lately, probably better you don’t read much about Lisa Wang. Because if, like many humans, you’re susceptible to envy which quickly gives way to self-loathing, you’re at risk of taking Lisa as an...