Posting Jobs on Facebook


Face it, the Internet has matured into a social place. Plus, the most visited website has built a social network while the second most visited website is a social network. We can go back and forth all day, is the Internet driven by Google or Facebook? In reality, the Internet is driven by the user. Where is the individual on the Internet? Google remains number one in pageviews, but Facebook is number one in terms of the people’s most valuable asset, time.

Not only does Facebook have over 800 million users with more than half logging in daily, but also consider this: The Internet loves Facebook so much that “Facebook” has twice as many hits as “Love” and “Google” combined (3.88 billion “Facebook” hits versus 1.67 billion “Love” hits and 1.69 billion “Google” hits, circa Google Search).

Posting Jobs on Facebook

So when it comes time to post a job, how can you not post your job on Facebook? By not posting jobs on Facebook, you are literally choosing to abstain from, what I see as, half the Internet. Facebook is the medium accounting for a whooping 56% of all shared content.

Through what one medium can you reach nearly every potential candidate? Nearly every potential candidate in America has a Facebook account. This is the world we live in. However you look at it, the social web starts on Facebook.  So, so, many candidates are sitting on Facebook, looking at pictures, reading the that status updates of friends, and browsing the pages they like.

By recruiting on Facebook, you can tap into the network of current employees, and the networks of Company Facebook Fan Page visitors:

  • Employee Connection Network. Friends read status updates. posting jobs on facebook  Tailor the display of job openings to the potential candidates’ habits. By posting your job openings as your Facebook status update, you will be able to recruit from your entire network of friends and subscribers (and your co-worker’s) without having to work the phones, do lunch, or send emails to long lost connections. Not that those are bad things, but why not let Facebook save you time so you can eat lunch whenever with whoever you want. Every SmartRecruiters job ad offers one click posting to to Facebook Status updates. If everyone on the hiring team posts the open position as their status update, Facebook will create thousands of free impressions on your job ad. This practice will source your co-workers’ talent networks.**
  • * posting jobs on facebook Company Facebook Fan Page Visitors. The primary network that must be sourced is the fans of your organization. People that believe in what you do, or simply love your product, naturally become some of the best employees. Don’t miss out on these potential superstar employees.  Post jobs on your company Facebook page. It’s a no brainer.  This is why SmartRecruiters created Careers Tab. Careers Tab is a free app that creates a tab on your Facebook Company Page to display your open jobs and job descriptions without leaving the Facebook environment. People logged into Facebook are most interested in staying on Facebook. It’s just inertia. In our growingly social world, Careers Tab is as important, if not more important, than having a career site on your traditional website.

Jobs at Facebook

You can not keep up with the competition unless you include your own networks and your company fans when sourcing. They are essential networks to source. Follow the SmartRecruiters mantra, recruit where the people are, and in considering where the best candidate for you is right now, remember what I like to say, People go to Google to leave Google. People go to Facebook to stay on Facebook.

** Also CheckOut the LinkedIn Q and A: Should Every Job Be Shared on Facebook?

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David Smooke Director Content Marketing, SmartRecruiters David Smooke is the SmartRecruiters Director of Content Marketing & Social Media. He runs the SmartRecruiters Blog.
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