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Weekly Release: A New Homepage and Much More!

It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of April! What a month it’s been! And if you are thinking, “Wow, you guys sure made some dramatic changes this month;” well, you probably have a point there.
Not only did we go live with a smashing new website and said bye to purple and hello to green, but we were also very excited to introduce some important new updates to SmartRecruiters led by the newly revamped and improved Home and Admin pages.

Along the way, our Krakow team also managed to move to a lovely new home (see our new office overlooking the Vistula river in Krakow) and we even got to chill out for a few days around Easter. Life is good! And what really made all the difference was reading your great feedback (thank you!) and hearing how you are enjoying the new SmartRecruiters.
So let’s have a quick rundown of what’s new:


  • The Homepage was redesigned to make it easier to navigate to use, helping you stay in control on your hiring efforts. Your active jobs now take center stage so you can keep an easy overview and new alert indicators alongside each job light up when there is new activity, such as new candidates for the jobs.

Access to frequently used actions is now accessible directly from the new homepage along with a helpful “Get Started” area.



  • Further important updates, like the tweaks to the system alerts that ensure they stay open in your session and you can go back and review them at anytime, were added to various other features – all designed to ensure the system is smarter, better, and helps you with your daily work.


  • The updated Admin page has a refined layout to better present the list of actions and make it easier for you to customize and configure your SmartRecruiters software. Links to the Add-Ons are now integrated into the Admin page along with easy access to additional tools such as restoring deleted applications.


  • On the Applicant List improved filters help you sort out and work with your applicants faster and more efficient, while a new “Mark as hired” action was introduced to ensure quick and easy access to all available actions and applicant statuses from the main action menu.


  • With your help and feedback we also got rid of some annoying bugs and problems as we continue to work on making the system even faster, easier, and smarter.

What’s coming next:
What you can expect in the coming month are more updates and new features to make SmartRecruiters better and easier. You can check out what the redesigned Job List page will look like and make sure to keep an eye out for announcements on more upcoming features like the advanced search and new smart system notifications. Along with our Add-On partners, we also have some new surprises and gifts in store for you! And speaking of gifts – did you take advantage of the free LinkedIn job posting? In case you haven’t claimed your gift yet, it’s still not too late! Hurry and post your job for free on LinkedIn by April 30th.
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Nik Hristov

Nik Hristov is the Service Manager at SmartRecruiters.