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Recruiting Future Ep 142: Covering Innovation in HR and Recruitment

These days everyone seems to have a view on recruiting technology. But with the proliferation of new solutions that we are currently seeing, comes an increase in marketing spin and a battle for thought leadership amongst industry commentators which makes it difficult for employers to find the signal in so much noise.

So what is actually going on and what are the real trends that people need to be aware of? Who better to guide us through than someone who is responsible for actually building some of the software itself. Hessam Lavi is both the founder of Jobspotting and the Director of Product for SmartRecruiters.

In the interview we discuss:

  • What is happening in recruiting technology in 2018
  • The critical talent acquisition issues that technology is attempting to address
  • Recruiting automation and the emergence of automated sourcing
  • The evolution of recruitment advertising
  • The vital importance of data
  • The potential for bias in machine learning

Hessam also gives us his take on the future of recruiting technology and explains why recruiters should be optimistic about the evolution of their role.


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Matt Alder