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What was recruiting software is now cloud hiring. You may think I am talking about semantics but I am not. I am talking about what people want; I am talking about what people are searching for. Using Google Trends, I will show you how the market is shifting from recruiting software to cloud hiring. The search volume of “recruiting software” is literally a quarter of what it was in 2006:

Recruiting Software

Recruiting Software Search Volume



Lets break it down. People search for recruiting at the end and beginning of the year, but through the year the search volume of recruiting declines. Also, year over year recruiting is declining term. I believe it is because the goal is to hire. If you achieve your goal, you are hiring. If you are trying to hire but are unable to do so, you are not hiring. Recruiting is just a step on the way to hiring. For ten years in a row (2004-2014), the search volume of recruiting has declined:

Recruiting Search Volume



Now lets examine “software.” Software, unlike “recruiting,” is not a seasonal term. It is a generational term. The relationship of hardware to software has moved from 1 : 1 (the original computer had one program) to a world approaching 1 : ∞It’s not that less people need software (software is eating the world), it’s that their intents encompass software (without the need to search for software). Over the last ten years, the search volume for software has declined so steadily that the search volume is now a fifth of what it was in 2004:

Software Search Volume



Now lets talk about the act of achieving your goal. While “hiring” has a similar trend to “recruiting” in that it is seasonal with increasing volumes at the beginning of each year, the year over year trends are headed in opposite directions. The search volume for “hiring” has more than doubled over the last 7 years:

Hiring Search Volume



The “cloud” has emerged as common nomenclature for where all your technology is. It’s your operating system, it’s your software, it’s your marketplace of apps and services.  Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM and it seems like just about everybody else, has put the cloud in the center of their advertising campaigns. Over the last five years, search volume for cloud has increased by over 250%:

Cloud Search Volume


There you have it, “Cloud Hiring.”

David Smooke

David Smooke was the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at SmartRecruiters and is the Founder of ArtMap Inc & AMI Publications.