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Recruiting Startup of the Year Nominee:

As we barrel on towards Hiring Success 18’s Recruiting Startup of the Year, we’ve been tracking down the most promising contestants, and today we managed to pin down Pedro Oliveira, co-founder of, a candidate-driven platform to help tech professionals advance their careers.

Meet the companies vying for the title of Recruiting Startup Of The Year (RSOTY) at Hiring Success 18, in San Francisco, March 12-14. Register here!  Your vote determines which six are flying to California to pitch their ideas to 1000+ Talent Acquisition leaders and puts them in the running for the grand prize.

One of these six will be selected by a group of C-Suite experts and industry analysts for the ultimate prize of a Gold Sponsorship to Hiring Success 19, worth $10,000, which includes a branded booth and dedicated demo-room for potential customers to interact with their product.

Since he and his team got it off the ground in late 2013, Pedro’s moved from jack-of-all-trades to Chief Operations Officer. His background is Computer Science, but he knows a thing or two about business, processes, and people, and he had this to say about the offering he’ll be bringing to San Francisco, March 12-14.

Great to Meet you, Pedro. Quickly, what’s your company’s elevator pitch? is a European recruitment marketplace that matches tech professionals with the right jobs, using human evaluation powered by AI.

What gave you the idea for your startup?

I helped build a microscopic version of when I was studying at university, where we matched our colleagues with interesting companies looking to hire them, for internships or recent-grad positions. So for my co-founder Jose Pavia and I, we were both bound to tackle this industry’s problems, we just didn’t know how or when.

How do you envision your idea changing the talent acquisition landscape?

I think will change not only talent acquisition, but also the talent evaluation and engagement landscape. I mention “engagement” because we’re taking a broader strike at careers development and coaching areas. Our vision is to become the ultimate tool provider for tech professionals wanting to improve their careers, and our team works hard and smart on using AI.

Aside from the snappy name of our conference, what does Hiring Success mean to you?

Hiring success means retention on both sides of the marketplace. Candidates keep coming back when they need to shift into new roles, and companies keep renewing their partnerships with us.

What would say the role of technology is when it comes to hiring?

In one word, essential. Hiring talent can’t be done without technology anymore, the major question is how to best use technology to make recruitment a rewarding experience for everyone.


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