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Recruiting Startup of the Year Nominee: TapRecruit

We are nearing the announcement of our top-six entrants for the Recruiting Startup of the Year competition, but there is still time for a few more. Like this scrappy like start-up from the Big Apple.

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TapRecruit helps hiring teams write jobs that encourage more qualified and diverse applicants to apply, actively analyzing the performance of millions of job descriptions to accurately predict how a job will succeed in any talent market. Co-founder Amit Bhatia explains.

What’s your company’s elevator pitch?

We build enterprise recruiting tools that are mindful of the candidates and their experiences.

What gave you the idea for your startup?

Finding and applying for jobs can be a surprisingly terrible experience. And employers are not always great at describing their needs. Applying is hard because for most it’s more a black box than a productive experience. We believe that great enterprise recruiting tools can integrate seamlessly into your ATS and make things better for not only the hiring teams but for the candidates as well. Our first product, the Smart Editor for job descriptions, helps teams write job descriptions that candidates can find and understand. It the first step of many but we’re constantly amazed at how candidate-first thinking impacts hiring outcomes.

Of all industries to tackle, why recruiting?

Talent teams are often the unsung heroes at most organizations. They play this critical role of finding talent, building relationship and helping to set a company’s tone and culture. It feels good to know that the tools we build not only integrate seamlessly into recruiters’ workflows and help them make hires faster, but also help them to build a stronger candidate-first brand.

How do you envision your idea changing the talent acquisition landscape?

We hope that by building enterprise recruiting tools that are always in consideration of the candidate’s experience, we’re helping to reshape the conversation our customers have; about how they use their ATS and tools like our Smart Editor. We believe there is an immense opportunity, from the job description all the way to the offer letter, to help candidates succeeded in this process, but first, we have to rethink what we know about how technology can be used to help us.

What does ‘hiring success’ mean to you?

“Hiring Success” is when you design the entire hiring process to be candidate-first. Every stage in the pipeline represents an opportunity to be in consideration of the candidate. Whether it is writing a job description that candidates can understand and find, or integrating with third-party calendar systems that allow for automated touch points and reminders. To be successful it’s important to make sure that everything works from the candidate’s perspective.

What’s the real role of technology in hiring?

We believe that great technology should not only make talent acquisition more efficient but serve society by making the process more fair and transparent for candidates. Applying to jobs is often a confusing process for them and great enterprise tools can improve existing experiences and serve both the company and the candidates better.



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