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Refresh Your Hiring Strategy

Chances are, the top talent that you’d like to recruit is “allergic” to your candidate experience. Over time, this missing talent has cost you a fortune in lost creativity and performance.

Why? Because many current applicant tracking systems are outdated, and they don’t address the issues and content that the best candidates require. So it’s important to look for ways to refresh your hiring experience—and focus on the things that today’s top people want.

You can learn more by listening to our recent webinar, “The Candidates Are Coming: Hide Your ATS.”
Here are three ideas to improve your recruiting process:

1. Start With Creative Content

Too much recruiting content is dry, legal—and very off-putting to a candidate that can choose where he or she wants to go. You can increase your recruiting effectiveness by changing up your content.

“It starts with a little storytelling,” notes Careerealism CEO J.T. O’Donnell. “Once upon a time a company with a great corporate culture was growing fast and needed to find more talented people. The only way to get the attention of the talent they needed was to share just how great the company was.”


2. Renovate Your ATS-Powered Experience

Convert Candidate Traffic

What’s the point of spending all this money on recruitment marketing if you career page and job ads don’t convert the visitors into candidates? Give good candidates the information they need (job details, company details, comployee ment perks, visual assets, etc.) to express interest. Don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Make it easy for them by attaching modern tools to your ATS. Add LinkedIn as a way to apply. Integrate your ATS with social employee referrals and recruitment advertising. Good people are busy, and they don’t have time for lengthy input. If you make it simple for them to express interest, you have the opportunity to start a recruiting conversation.


3. Consider Whether You Should “Bulldoze” Your Current ATS

Is your current ATS system bringing in the people you need? Are you getting the numbers you have to have? If not, the best fix may be starting over with a new system.

SmartRecruiters has created a hiring platform that address all the issues that companies and candidates need today. Our people are veterans of older ATS platforms, and they have lived with their limitations—and found ways to overcome them. SmartRecruiters was created to provide companies large and small with smarter ways to bring in the best employment candidates.

Refreshing your ATS can refresh much more—your enthusiasm, your current employees’ ability to recruit, even how your customers view your company. View the Webinar recording: “The Candidates Are Coming: Hide Your ATS.”

Jim Milton

Jim is General Manager of Advertising Products at SmartRecruiters. He spent four years leading enterprise product strategy at SelectMinds, which Oracle acquired in 2013. After the acquisition, Milton owned product strategy for Oracle’s Taleo Social Sourcing Cloud Service line. Jim was also previously the VP of Product Marketing at SmartRecruiters and led Product and Marketing functions at Portfolium, which was acquired by Instructure.