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Respect and Accountability in the Hiring Process by Maren Hogan

As part of SmartRecruitersongoing effort to identify how technology can reduce friction in the the labor market, I conducted a video interview with Maren Hogan, the head of US Marketing for Brave New Talent, which builds talent communities for employers. She stressed the social aspect of hiring, and how that requires respect and accountability from both the business and the candidate.

“For both candidates and for recruiters or HR professionals is – essentially – to be more accountable. Treat people like people; send emails when they got the job, send emails when they don’t get the job,” said Hogan.
“Make sure that you are accountable to the people that you are entering that unspoken bond, that unspoken agreement,” Hogan continued. “When they’re searching for a job and you’re searching for the right person for that job, that can be a fairly intimate relationship and you need to treat it with the respect a relationship like that deserves.”
Maren Hogan is a marketing professional that combines over a decade of experience in Public Relations, Marketing Strategy and Corporate Communications with Social Media Savvy.
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