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SaaS Marketing Leader Joins SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters hired its first SVP Marketing, Renette Youssef.

“The mission of fixing a broken labor market attracted me to SmartRecruiters,” said Renette. “I want to help you hire better talent, and be a part of eradicating unemployment.”

Whatever you may have heard or think about branding geniuses at SmartRecruiters, think again, because it’s time to start scaling.

“It’s all about human connections. SmartRecruiters has more of a human element, changing the lives of real working people more so than any technology I’ve worked with before.”

With 16 years B2B marketing experience across Asia, Europe and the United States, Renette recently served as VP Global Marketing & PR for Tradeshift, a freemium B2B platform for managing invoices and other business interactions. In her time at Tradeshift, the company grew from 20 to 100+ employees and raised $38 million in venture capital, while serving 120,000+ companies in 190+ countries.

When asked about marketing, Renette starts with branding, positioning, and making a difference.

“You have to define who you are, then own the space you want to own. Always differentiating yourself, always being yourself, and always being a step ahead of the competition.”

In 2014, SmartRecruiters will launch many innovative new products, and we’re very exciting to share these next steps to fixing recruitment.

“The product always come first,” said Renette. “After the product, it was the space that attracted me to SmartRecruiters. I’ve hired and fired a lot of people; recruitment is a space that is dying for innovation.”

This is a major step in scaling the SmartRecruiters marketing department, which previously was made up of only four people and primarily relied on inbound demand. To express interest in joining our kick ass team in this big ass market with the most disruptive business model → click here.

“I’m excited to shine light on a better way of hiring,” summarized Renette. “It’s not just about an ATS anymore, it’s about connecting top talent to hiring organizations in the fastest, most delightful possible way.”

David Smooke

David Smooke was the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at SmartRecruiters and is the Founder of ArtMap Inc & AMI Publications.