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Scality: Powering 100% Year-Over-Year Growth with Great Hiring Quality

After breaking into the market in 2009, Scality quickly established itself as a world leader in object and cloud storage, working with around half a billion end users and some of the US’ most prominent companies, including Comcast and Time Warner.

What’s even more impressive is the fact Scality achieved all this with a relatively tiny staff. They had only 50 employees when starting out in 2009, increasing to around 200 in 2017. This reflects one important aspect of Scality’s hiring philosophy: quality over quantity.

Furthermore, in Scality’s business, quality is of utmost importance. Data storage is a big responsibility, with clients demanding a competent and professional partner they can trust to keep their data safe. Therefore, Scality can only afford to hire individuals who match their competency, company culture and professionalism.

Dealing With Brand-Destroying Tech

Attracting this kind of talent is no simple feat, while Scality’s small team also means each hire is of critical importance as hiring the wrong person could have dire ramifications.  Scality President and COO Erwan Menard explains:

“Just one hiring mistake can bring painful consequences that can add up to millions of dollars in lost opportunities.”

To ensure they only take on the best candidates, Scality must utilize a lengthy hiring process featuring deep collaboration between many different individuals. However, organizing such a system comes with its own issues, with Menard claiming their initial attempts at a homegrown system ended in everyone’s administrative nightmare: “spreadsheet madness”.

Furthermore, although the jobs Scality advertized required high levels of technical skill and professionalism, their job postings did not match this, creating a poor brand image that would dissuade the very people they were looking for from applying. Scality recruiter Eléonore Charles adds:

“It’s easy to forget that one person in the hiring process remains essential … the candidate. The very best candidates are in high demand and would view older technologies and processes as a red flag for joining a firm like ours.”

Curing Spreadsheet Madness

The flexibility of the SmartRecruiters talent acquisition suite means it’s equally effective for quickly staffing a new, expanding company, or  creating deep, lengthy and precisely engineered hiring processes. Here’s how:

  • At its core, SmartRecruiters is a platform for hiring collaboration, allowing teams of various sizes to closely cooperate on the hiring process. Vital information is available instantaneously to anyone who requires it, while each member of the team can track, comment upon and rate candidates without the need for lengthy email chains or spreadsheets.
  • SmartRecruiters also allows hiring teams to create personalized scorecards with which to closely assess potential candidates. This allows companies such as Scality, to rate candidates on the same criteria, resulting in an easy to digest and gauge company-wide opinion polls.
  • Through built-in integrations, SmartRecruiters can quickly and painlessly post job advertisements to social media platforms and job boards. What’s more, one click applications creates a great candidate experience, creating an innovative hiring brand that matches Scality’s company culture.

Would you like to know more? Make sure to read the full case study, Scality: Powering 100% Year-Over-Year Growth with Great Hiring Quality.


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