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#SmartJob Photo Contest Winners!

Last month we announced our first photo contest. Our challenge, “picture the job you want.” We wanted to know what your #SmartJob looked like. We got some great entries so it wasn’t easy to decide which of the SMART jobs was the SMARTEST of them all.  Our contestants imagined a world where their job is their dream (that’s a Smart way to live). Here are the winners:

10. This #SmartJob photo is filled with creativity. Who doesn’t want a chance to express themselves through their work?

 Photo by: @RunTheOffice

SmartJob RunTheOffice


9. Professional athlete is a #SmartJob most kids dream about.

Photo by @Bejo13

SmartJob Bejo13


8. Ahh… to be paid to taste great food and wine. Double #SmartJob.

Photo by @CPatric2

SmartJob cpatric2


7. Going to the moon, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Definitely a #SmartJob.

Photo by: @TheJobChaser
SmartJob jobchaser


6.  Someone that Gives Labor is the owner of a #SmartJob. This recruiter is in Mexico! (PS. That means #SmartJob Photo Contest went international.)

Photo by: @marcepegaSmartJob marcepega


5. This #SmartJob is keeping the people of Kansas healthy, an important role indeed.

Photo by: @b_robynn
SmartJob b_robynn


4.  Being a public safety office takes bravery. At NYU you even get a cool smart car. That’s a #SmartJob.

Photo by: @55MattLeeSmartJob 55MattLee

3. Jungle cat or recruiter? One thing you can be sure of is a #SmartJob guarantees some fun.

Photo by: @trakheatherSmartJob trakheather


2. The NYU Women’s Basketball Coach has quite a view. Being active AND living in New York, #SmartJob.

Photo by: @CassLoftSmartJob CassLoft

And the Grand Prize Winner… DRUMROLL PLEASE!


1. Not everyone has a #SmartJob smart enough to be working with human cells. Cool picture, even cooler job.

Photo by: @jadaimi
SmartJob jadaimi


Thanks everyone for participating! We hope you had fun picturing your #SmartJob. And remember, “You never work a day in your life if you chose a job you love.”

Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters.

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