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Find Ruby on Rails developers today! Post Ruby jobs directly into the inboxes of active Rails developers.

General Information:

Founded: 2006
Service (offered): Premium human-screened Ruby job postings for the Ruby community; access to a mailing list of 2000+ Ruby developers.
CEO: Stephen Robinson, Ph.D.
Twitter: @FindTechJobs
Employees (# of): 4


SmartRecruiters wants to know: How do you make hiring easier? RubyNow’s Mike Newcomer had this to say.

1. Tell us a little about the history of RubyNow.

RubyNow was created with one simple purpose: to provide a platform for human-reviewed, premium Ruby jobs to be shared with the greater online community.


2. How does RubyNow’s service work?

Employers can purchase job postings that will run on the webpage and be sent to our subscribers via e-mail, RSS, and Twitter. Prospective candidates can access the postings via any of the aforementioned mediums or via online search.


3. What are RubyNow’s market differentiators?

All postings are human-screened, so you can be certain that they are real and of high quality. We also curate a 2,000+ Ruby developer list that receive all new postings in their inbox.


4. Why should hiring businesses use the service of RubyNow?

We are one of the top Ruby job boards on the web, and you can be certain that your posting will be seen by hundreds of prospective candidates.


5. What’s a fact we may not know about RubyNow?

Our company is run by people with extensive tech backgrounds, who are active in tech projects outside our job board as well.


Watch the product tour to see how our enterprise recruiting software can empower you to find, engage and hire great talent.
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