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SmartProfile: Talent Zoo

Meet Talent Zoo! A great source for talent in advertising, marketing, creative, design, new media and digital industries.

General Information

Founded: 1996

Service (offered): Online job board & e-zine

CEO: Rick Myers

Twitter: @TalentZoo

Facebook: /TalentZoo

Employees (# of): 10




SmartRecruiters wants to know: How do you make hiring easier? Amy Hoover, President & Partner, had this to say.


1. Tell us a little about the history of Talent Zoo.

Talent Zoo was founded in 1996 as an executive search firm catering to the advertising industry. As we grew and technology advanced, we launched the job board in 2001 to provide a lower-cost recruiting tool to our customers. We also began expanding into the general marketing and public relations industries at that time, continuing to grow our footprint into the tech and digital sectors as those recruiting needs grew for our customers.


2. How does Talent Zoo work?

We offer job postings as well as subscription-based access to a resume and portfolio database. It is then our responsibility to our clients to get as many relevant eyeballs on those job descriptions and as many top-notch candidates in our database as possible.


3. What are Talent Zoo market differentiators?

Not only do we offer job seekers the best job listings in one place, we also publish unique content daily on topics ranging from career advice to the newest trends in digital marketing. We have over 70,000 Twitter followers and nearly 10,000 Facebook fans and we use social media to push our content out to the masses and attract those hard-to-find passive job seekers. We deliver an audience of engaged industry pro’s to our clients’ job postings, not just active job seekers.


4. Why should hiring businesses use the service of Talent Zoo?

You can save time and money! We push all the job listings on our site out to major job aggregators and pay to sponsor them as well. There’s no need to post your job in multiple places or manage a complicated CPC campaign. We help both companies and individuals become more successful by making the hiring process fun and easy.


5. What’s a fact we may not know about Talent Zoo?

We once had an intern who watered the fake plants in the office every week, and our office dog Noodle would follow him around and drink the water that spilled out the bottom. It was so funny we never told him to stop.


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Amy Hoover

Amy Hoover is the President & Partner of Talent Zoo.